Bitter Melon, by Cara Chow

Bitter MelonMother knows best…or does she?  This is a fascinating look into the life of a girl with a “tiger mother”.  Frances, a Chinese American high school senior, is used to her mother making decisions for her. All the decisions – what to eat, how to dress, what classes to take, what to do with her life, etc…as well as what not to do – date boys, get any grade less than an A, not get into the college of her mother’s choosing, etc. However, a scheduling mistake at school causes Frances to experience the joys of public speaking, and to discover she’s good at it. Will Frances have the courage to stand up to her mother, or will she simply submit to her mother’s demands, as she always has? Or has her taste of freedom given her the will to take control of her own future, her own destiny, and her own heart?

Read Bitter Melon.


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