Dirty Little Secrets, by Cynthia Jaynes Omololu

Dirty Little SecretsImagine a house so crammed with junk there is no space for the people living there.  Picture each room piled from floor to ceiling with old magazines and newspapers.  There are so many stacks you only have a narrow path to get from room to room.  A sea of paper and plastic bags full of clothing/junk/rotting food litter every surface of the house, including the sofa, beds and chairs.  The kitchen has actual trash in it, and the stove is hidden under a mound of stuff.   The kitchen sink doesn’t work because it’s backed up with gunk.  Every time something goes missing in the house—which is pretty much every day—you are blamed for touching it or moving it or for not putting it back where it “belongs.”  You are accused of not helping around the house, of not keeping it clean….yet when you try to clean anything or dare to throw out any trash, you are yelled at for getting rid of valuable things.

16-year-old Lucy’s mother is a compulsive hoarder, someone who cannot bear to throw out anything because it might be a treasure or she might need it or she could give it to someone else.  Lucy has worked so hard over the years to keep their house a secret from any outsiders.  Can she still guard her secret when her mother suddenly dies within that very house? Read Dirty Little Secrets


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