Summer Jobs

Money, money, money, money! Do you need some? If you`re still in search of a summer job there are some good places to check. One of the best places to go is to the Library`s website. The Job Search Info Guide has some great websites that will help you search and locate jobs in your area. is a site that has some great summer jobs listed. Some examples of summer related job searches are camp counselors and summer interns.

Another good site to check out is It`s known for having hourly positions. You can limit it to your zip code and they have a link on their home page you can click on that has only summer jobs.

There are other good sites for jobs and career help on the Infoguide, but if you`re looking for other options you can always try the Indy Star classifieds or Career Builder.


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  1. i need to work some where i dont care where i just need the money to help my family. im a nice person

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