Snitch, by Allison Van Diepen


Julia DiVino is a smart junior attending one of the toughest high schools in Brooklyn.  Most of the students at South Bay belong to one gang or another so there’s hardly a day without drama.  Since 7th grade Julia and her friends have made a pact never to join a gang….not the Bloods, not the Crips.  Period.  Well, their friend Marie is in one of the gangs, but it’s never been a problem for any of the girls—not until, in Snitch, Julia falls hard for a new guy in school, Eric Valientè.  At first Eric seems too good to be true:  he’s good-looking, smart, funny, has a serious purpose in life.  He and Julia just seem meant to be.  But does she really know everything she should about Eric?  What she doesn’t know may cost Julia everything—even her life when one gang labels her a snitch.  Unable to let Eric go, Julia has some brutal decisions to make as her stance on gangs is tested to the extreme.


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