The Limit, by Kristen Landon

The Limit

We all have limits. Speed limits, curfew limits, spending limits, etc. But what if the government started setting spending limits for citizens? And what if, if you went over your limit, there was a very high price to pay? This suspenseful speculative fiction tells the story of a society very similar to our own where the government does set a spending limit, and, if you go over, your children suffer. Matt’s family goes over their limit not just once, but twice, and he and his sister are taken to a special workhouse in order to pay down their parents’ excesses. At the workhouse, however, all is not as it seems. Matt is also dismayed to find that not only does the government arbitrarily reset limits, they encourage people to go over them. What does the government want with all these kids in workhouses? And why does the age limit for conscription keep getting lower and lower? The Limit will keep you guessing until the end….and maybe even beyond it.


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