What’s All the Twitter About?


is beginning to surface in businesses, schools, and your very own public library! What is it and why would you want to use it? Twitter is basic microblogging that allows you to send messages to whoever you want and receive messages any way you want. You can receive messages from your “followers” through your email, facebook, myspace, cell phone (texting charges apply) and through twitter.com.

The trick to twitter is to be able to tell your “followers” your latest breaking news in less than 140 characters. That’s right, 140 characters, not 140 words! Why would your library use it, you may ask? To give you updates on everything from world events and the latest book craze to the upcoming program being held that day!


7 thoughts on “What’s All the Twitter About?

  1. I found your blog whlie Googling for ways to promote my own blog with Social Networks. Great work here – hope that I can get mine going soon – any tips or advice for a relative newb?

  2. I`m glad you like our blog!! I would just advise you to spread the word about your blog as much as you can. Advertise with posters, word of mouth, and bookmarks… Also it`s important to make sure there are fresh posts on a regular basis. Good luck!!

  3. Do you ever wonder where people get all these MySpace and Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers? I found one place to get a TON of MySpace Friends, It’s called SupremeAdds.com but do you know any other ways to get more traffic from social networks to a blog like yours or mine?

    Thanks For keeping it on point!

    Best Regards

  4. I really liked your thread about this, and I’ve seen a few more like it recently – the best part about yours is, it’s very informative and useful and full of good information without a bunch of usless rants and BS!

    I’ll be sure to give this URL to some friends

    Thanks Again

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