Across the Universe

Across the Universe

Would you give up everything you knew – your planet, your school, your boyfriend – to move with your parents across the universe on a colonization star ship?  Especially if you had to be put in suspended animation?  It’s a decision seventeen year old Amy must make, and she decides to accompany her parents, even though it will take three hundred years to get to their new home.  However, Amy doesn’t quite make it that long.  Somehow, she awakens fifty years too soon.  And she awakens to a murder mystery.  Someone, or some thing, tried to kill her in her cryo chamber.  Amy must figure out who to trust among the crew who are awake….and who is the killer.  Along with the mystery, there is also a touching love story.  Honestly, this book starts out very slow, but it is worth some perseverance.  Dedicated readers will be rewarded with a face paced mystery, and some exciting twists.


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