The Clone Codes

The Clone Codes

The Clone Codes. The old rules are back. Only this time, it’s not the Slave Codes from the 1800’s, when slaves were considered less than humans and they weren’t given rights. Now it’s 2170 and clones are the new “less than human”.
But for Leanna Debarry, life is great! You can go to school via virtual reality. Clones serve humans and do the work for you. What a great time to live, right? That’s what Leanna thought, too. Until she comes home one afternoon to find her mom accused of being part of The Liberty Bell movement, a “terrorist” organization set up to get equal rights for those clones.
With her mom arrested, Leanne is forced to go on the run from a bounty hunter with nothing more than a virtual scrapbook filled with The Liberty Bell story. Leanna is scared and confused. Who can she trust? Are clones more than she was taught? Can she uncover the truth about The Liberty Bell and herself before it’s too late?
The sequel, Confessions of a Cyborg, will be published on February 1st, and is available for reserve now.


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