Superbowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV is scheduled for Sunday February 6, 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas with the Green Bay Packers playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is your team playing in this Super Bowl Game?If not, who do you predict to win this most anticipated game of the year? Or do you just watch the game for the sheer enjoyment of the commercials and half-time entertainment?

I am curious to know if the weather (rain, snow, temperature) will affect either of the teams playing since neither one plays regularly at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. What’s in the game of football that makes it so big? What’s that thrill the players talk about?


The Billion Dollar Game The Billion Dollar Game by Allen St. John 796.332648 STJ
A Team to Believe In A Team to Believe In by Tom (Thomas Richard) Coughlin, 1946   796.332 Coughlin COU
Colts Road to XLI Colts Road to XLI DVD

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