Matched, by Ally Condie

MatchedWhat if you lived in a world where everything was decided for you?  The Society tells you what to eat, what to learn, assigns you a job, when to die, and even whom to marry (your Match).  The Society runs smoothly, no one is ever unhappy (so they say), no one is hungry, no one dies except at the appropriate time.  And, of course, they know the perfect Match for you.  Or do they?  Cassia has never questioned the rules of The Society, and is thrilled when her best friend, Xander, is chosen as her Match when she is 17.  However, when she looks on the micro card for information about her Match, another boy’s face appears…one who is considered an outcaste.  She is told it was a mistake, but now….she wonders.  If Xander is her perfect Match, then why was Ky also chosen?  And what are these feelings she’s developing for Ky?  And, most importantly, is there anyone she can ask to help her through this?  Matched is part one of a trilogy, and is being optioned for a movie.


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