Midnight Sun

Will we ever hear Edward’s voice?  Stephanie Meyer has said on her website that she is not going to publish the next Twilight book, “Midnight Sun”, because pages were leaked online.  

As Twilighters know, “Midnight Sun” was going to tell Edward and Bella’s love story from Edward’s point of view.  

Stephanie has decided to post a version of the leaked pages on her website, so check out the Midnight Sun page on her site if you want to read all you may ever see of the last “Twilight” novel.


8 thoughts on “Midnight Sun

  1. I read the leaked pages of Midnight Sun on her website and I think it is AWESOME! For all Twilight fans out there, this is a touching story of how hurtful and painful the thirst was for Edward when he met Bella.It hurts me to see Edward so thirsty. I agree with TFG, on her website it does say that she would probably continue the book on another date later when Twilight and the rest of the books calm down. Good thing too, because everyone wants to see Midnight Sun on the stands soon!

  2. I love The Twilight Saga and I need to reed more PLEASE keep writing and poblish the book.Please keep writing about Twilight!

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