2011 New Years

The US New Year happens this year on Saturday January 1, 2011 (Count it down!)  not to be confused with the Chinese New Year which falls on Thursday  February 3, 2011.

What are you looking forward to or hoping for the New Year (2011)?  Are you hoping for a job (new or a promotion), better luck, improvement in school, waiting to see what movies and shows (new and old) are going to be out, heading to college or waiting for a surprise of some sort?

Also, how do you spend your New Year’s Day? Do you spend it with family and friends, watching Football Games or Parades, or just chilling out by playing games or with your Christmas presents and toys?

Why not share your own ideas and traditions on the Teen Scene Blog?  But to get you started here are a few items for you to view.


The New Year’s Eve Compendium


The New Year’s Eve Compendium: Toasts, Tips, Trivia, And Tidbits For Bringing In The New Year by Todd Lyon  394.2614






The New Year’s Quilt : An Elm Creek Quilts Novel


The New Year’s Quilt : An Elm Creek Quilts Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini  FIC CHI








Mistletoe: Four Holiday Stories


Mistletoe: Four Holiday Stories Teen FIC MIS










Scenes From A Holiday


Scenes From A Holiday FIC SCE












Martha’s New Year’s Celebration   DVD 641.568 Mar



New Year on Wikipedia


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