God Is in the Pancakes, by Robin Epstein

God Is in the Pancakes15-year-old Grace Manning is having a difficult year.  Her father has left the family, her mother is deeply stressed, her sister is dating a creep, and her friendship with her long-time best friend Eric is getting weird.  Her happiest times are with Mr. Sands, a resident at the nursing home where she works.  But Mr. Sands’ health is failing rapidly from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and he asks Grace to help him die.  She prays and worries and eats pancakes as she copes with the weight of her decision; but all of her choices are blurred together.  God Is in the Pancakes is a thoughtful novel about family love and the difficult choices we face.


One thought on “God Is in the Pancakes, by Robin Epstein

  1. That’s a cute title, but I hope that the main character does not using eating as a coping mechanism for what she’s going through. Overeating is a serious illness in this country and it would be great if we could keep kids from developing bad habit. Still, it looks like a great book and definitely worth checking out.

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