Does your vote really count?  How can my vote be that effective or have that much power?  Do I even have a voice in anything that goes in this country? How can my voice be heard? 

One way you can have your voice heard and vote count is by voting in the Governmental Elections that happen in May and November.  There are also ways of making your voice or vote count like Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol, Teen  Choice Award, Reading Awards (Young Hoosier Award, Elliot Rosewater, & Michael L. Printz), Movies & TV Shows (Emmy’s, People Choice Award), and the list goes on.  Be proactive and let your voice be heard and vote as much as you can and are allowed.

What are some other ways or how else can today’s teens have a more positive voice and have their vote count in today’s world (besides what’s listed above)? Should the voting age be lowered? Share your thoughts and ideas on the Teen Scene blog.  Let’s see what other teens your age think and say about this topic.
Teen Power Politics: Make Yourself Heard      

Teen Power Politics: Make Yourself Heard by Sara Jane Boyers    Shared System





   How To Win A High School Election: Advice and Ideas Collected From Over<br /> 1000 High School Seniors

How To Win A High School Election: Advice and Ideas Collected From Over 1000 High School Seniors by Jeff Marx    Shared System








Marc Perkel: Why It’s Important for Young People to Vote 10 Reasons Why Christian Teens Should Vote Top 5 Reasons YOUth Should Vote


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