The Vampire Diaries

Vampires steal’n your blood?  Um, Vampires still in your blood?  Have you checked out the Vampire Diaries series?  The books written by Lisa J. Smith, are available at a library near you.  Book # 1, The Awakening introduces the character Elena, a beautiful and popular high school senior who meets the guy of her dreams, Stefan.  Elena soon finds herself thrust into a dangerous love triangle.  Stefan, a vampire, has a brother, Damon.  The two brothers are purveyors of good and evil.  Look out Stephanie Meyer; Lisa J. Smith has taken vampires to a whole new level.  There is even a television series based on the books!  The second season of Vampire Diaries aired on September 9th on CW.  Missed the first season?  No problem, it will soon be headed to the library shelves! 

Want to keep up with everything Vampire Diaries?  If you have a Facebook page, search for HarperTeen and click “like” on the page.  Now you will be on top of everything new Harper, the publisher, has geared toward teens.  Who knows, you may even find another great book you want to check out.

Sherlock, not a vampire, has a new look on IMCPL’s website, but will still guide you to everything vampire and more, at the touch of the keyboard.  Check it out!

The<br /> Awakening



The Awakening









The Struggle



The Struggle









The Fury & Dark  Reunion



The Fury & Dark Reunion









The Return: Nightfall



The Return: Nightfall









The Return: Shadow Souls



The Return: Shadow Souls


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