Crocodile Tears, by Anthony Horowitz

Crocodile Tears

The 8th book in the Alex Rider series is as captivating as the first one. Alex Rider is a 14 year old teen who is a cross between James Bond and MacGyver. An orphan Alex is devastated by the death of his uncle who was raising him. Investigating the “accidental death” Alex finds out he was a spy. And so the adventure begins as Alex is recruited by the British MI6 to “help” them with certain cases. This time, Alex is intrigued by his host at a Scottish castle while on vacation with his girlfriends’ family. Alex senses that Desmond McCain, a philanthropist who helps people when disaster strikes, is not all that he seems. Leaving the castle they are almost killed in a car accident. Back home an ordinary school field trip to a genetic laboratory is almost the death of him from their genetically altered plants in the “Poison Dome.” How Alex perseveres and saves the world time and again makes Crocodile Tears an exciting book.


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