The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

The Maze RunnerThomas woke up in a moving room.  The only two things he was sure of was his name, and the fact the room was moving upwards, like an elevator.  The top of the room opens, and Thomas is pulled into a world stranger than anything he can remember – if only he could remember.  He is now in the Glade, a community of teen boys at the heart of a huge, dangerous maze.  With the arrival of the Glade’s first female member a day after Thomas, urgency is felt to solve the maze and escape.  But there are other questions:  Who put the boys there?  What lies beyond the maze?  Why can’t anyone remember anything before coming to the Glade?  And what part does Thomas have in all this?  And why, suddenly, have supplies stopped coming?  A mystery within an enigma wrapped in a riddle, with plenty of suspense and adventure along the way.  The Maze Runner is the first in a planned trilogy.


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