New Moon

Are you burning with desire for the release of New Moon the movie? The anticipation is building for November 20th!! You might be wondering how Jake will look as a wolf and how Bella’s dark gloom will be portrayed on the big screen. If you want some sneak peaks of trailers from the film go to the New Moon website.  You could also reread the book or look up other books about the series.

The Pike Branch of IMCPL is hosting a New Moon Fest on November 17th at 5 pm. There will be New Moon scene dramatic interpretations, the chance learn and share trivia about the making of the movie, and you can even learn how to make yourself glow like a vampire. Come dressed as you favorite vamp or were if you dare!

The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series

The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series











New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion


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