Age of Apocalypse: The Complete Epic

Age of Apocalypse

No longer is Professor X the leader of the X-men. No longer is Magneto a villain.   No longer do the X-men live in the golden age of man, but struggle and fight for a better day in the Age of Apocalypse.  Everything you think you know about the X-men you can forget. In this classic, four part miniseries, the X-men struggle to find their purpose in a dangerous and unforgiving age of Apocalypse.   Guided by their leader, Magneto, the X-Men find hope that there is a better tomorrow and world without the rule of Apocalypse. This first part has all the makings of a genuine classic graphic novel; new people, exciting stories, and devastating consequences.  Looking for a page turner, this is it. Want something that you absolutely cannot put down, this is it.  I highly recommend this book for all ages; the number one graphic novel that I have read thus far, at your finger tips.


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