Marked, by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Looking for a cool read on a hot summer day? Try Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast; mother and daughter authors. Marked is the first in a series called House of Night. It’s a great blend of the Harry Potter series where the main character has a crummy relationship with parental types of the human world and doesn’t quite fit in but finds that there is a special uniqueness that brings out heroism in another realm AND the teen vampire relationships that we really luvvvv to read about!

Zoey Redbird has been chosen and marked with a crescent moon zapped on her forehead by a vampyre. However, she is not your normal vampyre fledgling. She has been chosen as “special” by the Goddess Nyx. As Zoey starts her first month at a new school, she is faced with meeting new people, making new enemies, meeting a hunk and finding her destiny. Marked by tattoos and no fangs, this vampyre story is a cool twist to the teen vampire genre.


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