Finally!!! You have worked hard and played hard to make it to graduation day. No more bells and lockers. High School will soon be in the past and a new future awaits you. Friends and classmates will be scattering in different directions. It is a fun, exciting, and memorable time. Enjoy it while it lasts!  There will be speeches, reminiscing, and lots of parties to attend.

Writing graduation speeches can be excruciating. You can find inspiration at the library. There are books that have sample speeches and other pointers for addressing your peers and all the family that is watching.  Once all the speeches, parties, and tears are shed you will have to look forward, but you will always have the memories. It’s time for a fresh start. Looking back one day it won’t seem quite so bad. You might even miss it.

Can’t Hardly Wait  DVD CAN

Graduation Day

Graduation Day: The Best of America’s Commencement Speeches  808.51












Onward!: 25 Years of Advice, Exhortation, and Inspiration from America’s Best Commencement Speeches  815 ONW











Take This Advice

Take This Advice: The Most Nakedly Honest Graduation Speeches Ever Given  815 TAK











Saved by the Bell. Season 5  DVD 791.4572 SAV Season 5

Beverly Hills 90210. The Third Season  DVD 791.4572 BEV

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen

Last Dance at the Frosty Queen  TEEN FIC UHL












Graduation, Celebrate with Style!

Graduation, Celebrate with Style!: A Graduation Party Planning Guide   793.2 AND 1999












Tribes  TEEN FIC S6312t











 Nothing Can Keep Us Together

Nothing Can Keep Us Together: A Gossip Girl Novel  TEEN FIC VON












Inexcusable  TEEN FIC LYN


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