Scott Pilgrim´s Precious Little Life, by Bryan Lee O´Malley

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little LifeThis is book one in the chronicles of young slacker Scott Pilgrim as he navigates his way through the perils and pitfalls of life when you’re 23 years old. Unsure, ambivalent and in a band, Scott seems to coast by on his awkward charm. That is, however, until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Ramona Flowers. Now, Scott must deal with the uncertainty of a peculiar new relationship as well as defeat Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends who come seeking revenge. With the recent release of book five, the Scott Pilgrim collection is quickly becoming the coolest, weirdest, and funniest series around. Soon to become a major motion picture, be the first on your block to say you discovered Scott Pilgrim!


4 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim´s Precious Little Life, by Bryan Lee O´Malley

  1. Wow, the guy who wrote this review must be the coolest person in the world. Scott Pilgrim is only appreciated by people with the most sophisticated of tastes.

    I assure you I am a teen.

  2. Since no one has the courage to post an additional comment, I will take it upon myself to lead the way once more.

    After careful deliberation, I must concur w/ my fellow teenager on the validity of the Scott Pilgrim recommendation.

    Scott Pilgrim is a gift to the literary world, and the writer of this review has the knowledge and foresight to see the distinct merit of such a timeless series.

    Please seek no further inquiry as to my identity. We teens react negatively to doubts of our authenticity.

  3. Marumph rumph. Courage? Glarrumph! Munch glalumph? What’s courage got to do with galarumpastasiak? Mlok lokblogk wundt!

    I assure you I am a troglodyte.

  4. Authentic Troglodyte,

    You make some excellent points in what is obviously an articulate retort. I guess I never considered it from that perspective.

    You have truly bested me, sir (or madam). Bested me, indeed.

    I shall now retreat back to the halls of academia. You have taught this teenager a valuable life lesson.

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