Throwing Stones, by Kristi Collier

Throwing StonesAndy Soaring is a fourteen year old boy that has the talent and the drive to make the high school basketball team. Ever since his brother died of the Spanish Influenza after surviving World War I, his goal has been to play in the state championship game. He wants to prove to his parents and to himself that he can carry on the legacy. Peter returned from World War I but was felled by the Spanish Influenza of 1918. When challenged to accept a dare, Andy is sidelined by an injury and finds himself looking at basketball from a journalistic point of view. The newspaper editor’s gentle but pointed criticism forces him to evaluate his own character while opening the door to family secrets that change his relationships with family and friends. Set against the backdrop of the Prohibition, Author Kristi Collier melds basketball and limestone quarries, two things that Indiana is best known for, into Throwing Stones, a coming of age story that is both enjoyable and satisfying.


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