Show your crafty side in time for the holidays!

December brings cold, snow, hot chocolate, and many opportunities for gift giving to family and friends! If your budget is feeling stretched (or non-existent), or you love surprising people with things of your own making, here are some ideas for homemade gifts that are easy, fun, and fun to give!

Duct Tape Roses – Give a “forever bouquet” to someone! The roses are a bit labor intensive, so be ready to commit a bit of time to this. 3 – 4 roses, and a nice glass vase, and you have a great gift! Here’s a great site to learn how:

Handmade soap – melt and pour soaps are fun to make. This one is a little bit costly, but once you buy the molds, fragrance, soap base and color, you can use them several times. Here’s a site to explain the steps:

Earrings – Make some dangling sparklers to brighten up anyone’s holiday! With all the variety of beads and stones available, you can make some really exciting pieces. Here’s a place to start:

Mug cake – package this up with a pretty microwave safe mug, and it’s two gifts in one!

Duct Tape iPhone cover – You can really personalize this, and duct tape comes in so many cool colors and patterns. I especially like the flame pattern for this one.

Keychain – Make it as colorful or crazy as you like! Everyone has keys to something!

Teen Read Week: Picture it @ Your Library®.

trwlogo2011Teen Read Week 2011 is coming. This year it is Picture it @ Your Library®.

Would you like to see one of your photos achieve semi-fame here on our blog or on the Teen Scene FB page ? Submit a picture of whatever you’re reading doing something interesting or placed somewhere interesting or Photoshop® your book into somewhere… interesting! Email it to  and see it posted the week of October 16-22. If you like include a bit about yourself, why you like the book, your age and your first name. No pictures including faces, please- the legal stuff makes it tricksy. (Unless you want to blur them out, Cops-style.)

Here is our first pic from Scott, age 13:

He is reading Tales of H. P. Lovecraft right now and expects Cthulhu will be right behind the zombies in the apocalypse.

If you think your pic is epic, submit it to the national contest sponsored by YALSA.
Click here for the entry form.

Check back soon to see what’s happening at your library for Teen Read Week!

Slammin’ Rhymes Challenge Form Available Here!

On the September 5th post about this year’s Slammin’ Rhymes Challenge (please click on that link, or on the broken links to the left, for details about how the program works), we announced that the necessary forms were available at library branches.

And that should still be so. But you can link to the form off that blogpost, now, or link to it right here, and print it off if you prefer.

Summer Jobs

Money, money, money, money! Do you need some? If you`re still in search of a summer job there are some good places to check. One of the best places to go is to the Library`s website. The Job Search Info Guide has some great websites that will help you search and locate jobs in your area. is a site that has some great summer jobs listed. Some examples of summer related job searches are camp counselors and summer interns.

Another good site to check out is It`s known for having hourly positions. You can limit it to your zip code and they have a link on their home page you can click on that has only summer jobs.

There are other good sites for jobs and career help on the Infoguide, but if you`re looking for other options you can always try the Indy Star classifieds or Career Builder.