Tutor.com To Go

 Our thanks go to Casey Harron at Tutor.com for writing this blogpost about mobile use of Tutor.com

We don’t need to tell you how popular mobile is. You already know that there’s an app for this and a HTML5 site for that. But did you know one of the things you can do with mobile is get free help with your homework?

Through IndyPL’s partnership with Tutor.com, you can access a live tutor to get help with your homework straight from your phone or tablet! From the Tutor.com To Go app available on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices to our HTML5 site that provides access from any mobile phone or tablet, you can access a tutor from pretty much anywhere.

And the process is easy. To connect in your phone’s browser, just follow these three steps:
1. Sign in the same way you do at your computer
2. Choose the subject
3. Work with a tutor!

And to connect through the Tutor.com To Go app, follow these four:
1. Download the app to your phone
2. Sign in the same way you do at your computer
3. Choose the subject
4. Work with a tutor!

It’s pretty simple, right? So this fall when you head back to school, remember IndyPL’s partnership with Tutor.com. That way you can get help at the park, the mall, at your friend’s house, on a family road trip, the possibilities are endless. But just not at the dinner table, because no one should use their phone at the dinner table!

Before you leave, check out a demo of Tutor.com To Go on the iPhone from our VP of Technology, Russell Greenspan!

Enter the “It Came from a Book!” contest (and the Last 3 Teen Films for the Summer)

 From now through September 30th, you can enter a contest over at The Library as Incubator website. They’re planning to collect a huge online gallery of the entries and announce the winners on their website during Teen Read Week, October 14th-20th, 2012. Read on for more info on submitting your library-incubated artwork and the prizes the winner could take home!

Here are the basics: read any book and create a piece of art inspired by the story. Your artwork can be any type– photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, manga– they want to see it all! Submit a digital photograph of your work to trwartcontest2012@gmail.com by 11:59 PM CST September 30th, 2012. Be sure to include the following information with your entry to ensure that it is eligible:
• Make sure your entry has the subject heading TRW Art Contest
• Include your full name, your library (school or public), and the title and author of the book that inspired your art.
• Include the statement “I affirm that this is an original piece of artwork.”
During Teen Read Week, the Library as Incubator Project will host a digital art gallery of all entries to the It Came From a Book! TRW Art Contest, and we will also collect votes on the best library-incubated artwork. The winner will be announced on their site the following week!

• $50 Amazon giftcard
• Original art from The Real Fauxtographer
• Library as Incubator Project t-shirts
• Signed books from hot YA authors

Stay tuned… we have big plans at the library this year for Teens!

AND THE TEEN FILM PROGRAMS for this summer are winding down. We’ve been announcing the next week’s schedule, all summer, but after this week there are only three more showings.

Click on any of the titles in the boxes below to see where that movie is playing this week or next, and if you had your heart set on watching Footloose, Madea’s Big Happy Family, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, War HorseOR Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, click on the title for this week’s showings.

Stomp the Yard


Wed., August 1, 6:00 pm

Joyful Noise

Fountain Square

Fri., August 3, 2:00 pm

Real Steel

Infozone at the Children’s Museum

Sat., August 18, 1:00 pm

Here Comes V-Day!

Valentine’s Day: Either the best day ever with your sweetie or the most pointless waste of cardstock and roses that you’ve ever encountered.

Good news- if you’re in love, music makes it better. The right songs can make you feel even more devoted to your honey and your forever hookup.

Good news- if you think love sucks, music makes it better. The right songs can make you feel on top of the world, footloose and proud to be single.

Did you know you can download free (legal!) music from the library with your card? You can have 3 MP3s a week that are totally yours, forever.

Check out these Screenr videos to see how it’s done-

Internet Explorer:


You can do it through Chrome too- looks a lot like Firefox.

What’s your favorite V-Day song?
Tell us in the comments!