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Ellen Schreiber Answers Teen Read Week Questions

Vampire KissesDuring our Teen Read Week (October 12 – 18), teens were given the opportunity to ask questions of our featured author Ellen Schreiber. Here are their questions, and Schreiber’s answers.

Nora Library:  Brandon E. asked, “Do you like vampires?”

I do now–now that I am writing about them.  I like exploring their mystery and seclusion from the mortal world.

 Decatur Library:  Alicia J., age 15, asked, “Are you planning on creating another series anytime soon?”

I would like to–and in fact have begun writing another book…but I have at least two more Vampire Kisses books to write so they are on the front burner, as they say.

                 LaTrena S., age 11, “What is your inspiration?”

For writing the Vampire Kisses books?  I saw two goth girls swinging on swings in the middle of the summer and I thought it was a great image.  I also wanted to write about a girl who was headstrong and fearless.  In addition, I wanted to write about the romantic side of vampires.

College Avenue:  Angelise S., age 16, “How do you think you differ from the  others who write about vampires?”

I don’t read any other vampire books, so I’m not really sure.  From my readers, I gather that I stick to the traditional mythology of vampires and I am not much with the  gory/violent aspect.  My main focus is the romance and feeling like one is an outsider.

Spades Park:  Ashley B., “Where do you come up with your ideas? I love your books!”

I get inspirations from everything.  Subjects like comedy for Comedy Book.  Teenage Mermaid was based on the title.  And love inspires me, too!

Irvington:  Theresa M., age 13, “Would you ever keep a bat as a pet or build a bat house in your back yard?” 

Don’t think so.  Only if they didn’t bite.  I had a few flying around my apartment a few years back.  The only thing that kept me from fainting was hoping it was Alexander coming by for a visit. 🙂


Southport:  Karly H., age 15, “You mastered Raven’s character perfectly.  Who were your inspirations for Raven and Alexander?” 

My inspiration for Raven was purely her character.  I did imagine Alexander as a young Johnny Depp.

Wayne:  David M., age 18, “Do people randomly come up to you and ask you about your books?” 

Not too randomly. Once they know I am a writer, they do.

Lawrence:  Jessica S., age 17, “Who, in your life, helped you become an author?”

My dad, who originally read my first book and thought it was good.  My mom for insisting I keep the romantic parts.  But mostly my brother Mark, who is a writer.  He helped me edit my first books and show them to publishers and agents.  He totally rocks!

Central:  Chelsea M., age 18, “What first got you into writing?”

My brother Mark showed me a young adult book that was hip and edgy and he thought I might like it.  I did! I read it and thought, “I can do this!”  So I changed a story I had previously begun writing but couldn’t finish as an adult book and changed the characters to teens and zipped it out in six weeks.

E. 38th St.:  Jasmine B., “What grade is Raven in?”

She is in tenth grade in books 1-5.

Fountain Square:  Sierra M., age 13, “How old where you when you started writing books?”


Flanner House:  Eiren M., age 13, “How much do you like what you do?”

I LOVE it!!!

East Washington:  Alexandra B., age 16, “Is it ever hard to think up new plots?”

For some reason it just comes to me really quickly.  I’m not sure why.  I think it might have been all my acting and improv training.

Midnight Sun

Will we ever hear Edward’s voice?  Stephanie Meyer has said on her website that she is not going to publish the next Twilight book, “Midnight Sun”, because pages were leaked online.  

As Twilighters know, “Midnight Sun” was going to tell Edward and Bella’s love story from Edward’s point of view.  

Stephanie has decided to post a version of the leaked pages on her website, so check out the Midnight Sun page on her site if you want to read all you may ever see of the last “Twilight” novel.