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Book Soundtracks

Have you ever been reading a book and have the perfect song pop into your head?  Well, just like a soundtrack to a movie, some books are now coming with their own playlists.  Authors like Stephenie Meyer, James Patterson, Alyson Noel, Meg Cabot, Alex Ross and Ned Vizzini have created playlists of songs that they listened to when writing their books, and that they think are the soundtracks to the stories.  Many other authors post songlists on their blogs and create itunes playlists.  If you read a book you love, be sure to check out the author’s blog by googling their name.  But lots of readers have made their own playlists, too. Here are some links to authors’ and readers’ book soundtracks.  Create your own book or comic book soundtrack and post it here in the comments!

Book Soundtracks by Meg Cabot, Ned Vizzini, others (sorry, this link is kaput)

James Patterson’s Maximum Ride soundtrack

Jeff Lemire’s soundtrack for The Nobody

Stephenie Meyer’s soundtrack for Twilight

Earth X soundtrack


Teen Troves collection of book soundtracks (this, too, is a dog from the land of the links)