Earn and Learn

Do you want to participate in Summer Reading to earn prizes but you think you can’t check out because of your library card fines?

We have a solution!

Check out our Earn and Learn Program that will allow you to read books and clear fines, PLUS you can earn Summer Reading Points at the same time! How cool is that? By the end of the Summer you could walk away with reduced or no fines and some cool prizes.

Ask for the Earn and Learn card at any Library location!

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Who can participate? Any library card holder under the age of 18 with $5 of debt is eligible.

Young Adult Lit For Your Earbuds



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Starting May 7th-August 13 you may download 2 FREE audiobooks a week from SYNC. SYNC is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and delivered through the OverDrive App.


Download Details

  • Downloads are in MP3 format, hosted by OverDrive, and are Mac and Windows compatible.
  • Downloads will operate through the OverDrive app.
  • Most listening devices are supported.
  • Each SYNC audiobook will be available for download for a period of 7 days (only).
  • Titles, once downloaded, are yours to keep.
  • Sign up for text notifications each week to remind you when new books are available.

TEXT  syncya to 25827 for alerts on title releases.



Check back soon for more information! In the meantime, check out the download prep guide to get set up!

Presented by AudioFile. Powered by OverDrive.

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What is National Poetry Month?

“National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives.”


“Follow poetry events taking place nationwide at @POETSorg, and tweet about your own using #npm15.” Poets.org 

Celebrate National Poetry Month by checking out some of these novels in verse!

waterLike water on stone by Dana Walrath.

Available in Print.

Inspired by a true story, this relates the tale of siblings Sosi, Shahen, and Mariam who survive the Armenian genocide of 1915 by escaping from Turkey alone over the mountains.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.



deathDeath coming up the hill : a novel by by Chris Crowe.

Available in Print.

Douglas Ashe keeps a weekly record of historical and personal events in 1968, the year he turns seventeen, including the escalating war in Vietnam, assassinations, rampant racism, and rioting; his first girlfriend, his parents’ separation, and a longed-for sister.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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crazyCrazy by Linda Vigen Phillips.

Available in Print.

While growing up in the 1960s, Laura uses art to cope with her mother’s mental illness.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.


Novels in Verse to celebrate National Poetry Month

What is a novel in verse anyway? According to wikipedia, a novel in verse is

“a type of narrative poetry in which a novel-length narrative is told through the medium of poetry rather than prose. Either simple or complex stanzaic verse-forms may be used, but there will usually be a large cast, multiple voices, dialogue, narration, description, and action in a novelistic manner.”

Check out some of our novels in verse!

danceA time to dance by Padma Venkatraman.

Available in Print and eBook.

In India, a girl who excels at Bharata Natyam dance refuses to give up after losing a leg in an accident.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.




stareTwo girls staring at the ceiling by Lucy Frank.

Available in Print.

In this novel in verse, two very different girls bond while hospitalized for Crohn’s disease.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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stayAnd we stay by Jenny Hubbard.

Available in Print.

Sent to an Amherst, Massachusetts, boarding school after her ex-boyfriend shoots himself, seventeen-year-old Emily expresses herself through poetry as she relives their relationship, copes with her guilt, and begins to heal.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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April is National Poetry Month

You can celebrate National Poetry Month by checking out some of these novels in verse at your Indy PL!

audacityAUDACITY by Melanie Crowder.

Available in Print.

“A historical fiction novel in verse detailing the life of Clara Lemlich and her struggle for women’s labor rights in the early 20th century in New York.”–
Provided by publisher.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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capCapricious by Gabrielle Prendergast.

Available in Print.

“Ella’s grade-eleven year was a disaster (Audacious), but as summer approaches, things are looking up. She’s back together with her brooding boyfriend, Samir, although they both want to keep that a secret. She’s also best buddies with David and still not entirely sure about making him boyfriend number two. Though part of her wants to conform to high school norms, the temptation to be radical is just too great. Managing two secret boyfriends proves harder than Ella expected, especially when Samir and David face separate family crises, and Ella finds herself at the center of an emotional maelstrom. Someone will get hurt. Someone risks losing true love. Someone might finally learn that self-serving actions can have public consequences. And that someone is Ella.”–Amazon.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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rumbleRumble by Ellen Hopkins.

Available in Print, e-Book.

Eighteen-year-old Matt’s atheism is tested when, after a horrific accident of his own making that plunges him into a dark, quiet place, he hears a voice that calls everything he has ever disbelieved into question.

Read reviews and more on Goodreads.

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