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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workshops

Choose from several Zombie programs that will run all through the Fall, 2012 at several different library locations:

“Ashfall” Author Mike Mullin
After teens survive the zombie apocalypse, they’ll want to document their frightful experience. Teens ages 13 – 17 are invited to learn about the writing process from Mike Mullin, author of the critically acclaimed novel, “Ashfall.” A book signing will follow. Schedule

Create a Zombie Caricature
he first thing teens need to know to survive an attack is how to identify a zombie! Teens ages 13 – 17 are invited as artists from Art With a Heart guide them through the steps of identifying and drawing the unique features of the walking dead. Participants will leave with their very own zombie caricature drawing. To make sure they can finish the project, Art with a Heart requests that attendees be on time or within 5 minutes of the start time of the class. Schedule

Apocalypse Food Preparation
Teens may find themselves barricaded from the zombie onslaught in abandoned shopping centers for weeks at a time. Teens ages 13 – 17 are invited as expert chefs from Your Gourmet Girlfriends show how to make delicious snacks to keep energized while holding off the horde. Participants will receive tasty samples of everything they create. Schedule

Dance the Thriller
To escape a shuffling zombie, teens need to know how to dance away in style. Teens ages 13 – 17 are invited to exercise their dance moves with the expert character cosplayers, And Sewing is Half the Battle. Participants will learn the choreography to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Schedule

Zombie Love Sadie Walker is Stranded The Year of Eating Dangerously Dead is a Battlefield
Dead Reckoning Flesh and Bone Zombie Cupcakes The Zombie Handbook
Dearly Beloved a Zombie Novel Zombie Cupcakes Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Zombie Movies Undead To Go

2011maytutortogo To Go is now available in the Apple App Store to give you mobile access to’s library of online lessons, worksheets, videos, and test-prep resources at anytime. In the afternoon and evenings you can also connect with live online tutors. The new service gives you access from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. (They say an app for Android is coming.)

Here’s how you do it:

Use your IndyPL library card number and PIN to set up a account. The username/email and password is what you will use to access To Go on your phone.

1. To get started, set up your account. Go to Click on “Homework Help”. Enter your library card and PIN number.

Homework Help at

2. When the page opens, Click on “Create an Account”. Enter your name, email address and a password. (Remember your password – you will need it to login to To Go.)


3.  Now that you have your account set up go to iTunes and download the To Go App on your iTouch, iPhone or iPad. It’s Free. Sign in using your username/email and password. Now you can get to all kinds of homework help right from your phone!

Across the Universe

Across the Universe

Would you give up everything you knew – your planet, your school, your boyfriend – to move with your parents across the universe on a colonization star ship?  Especially if you had to be put in suspended animation?  It’s a decision seventeen year old Amy must make, and she decides to accompany her parents, even though it will take three hundred years to get to their new home.  However, Amy doesn’t quite make it that long.  Somehow, she awakens fifty years too soon.  And she awakens to a murder mystery.  Someone, or some thing, tried to kill her in her cryo chamber.  Amy must figure out who to trust among the crew who are awake….and who is the killer.  Along with the mystery, there is also a touching love story.  Honestly, this book starts out very slow, but it is worth some perseverance.  Dedicated readers will be rewarded with a face paced mystery, and some exciting twists.

The Clone Codes

The Clone Codes

The Clone Codes. The old rules are back. Only this time, it’s not the Slave Codes from the 1800’s, when slaves were considered less than humans and they weren’t given rights. Now it’s 2170 and clones are the new “less than human”.
But for Leanna Debarry, life is great! You can go to school via virtual reality. Clones serve humans and do the work for you. What a great time to live, right? That’s what Leanna thought, too. Until she comes home one afternoon to find her mom accused of being part of The Liberty Bell movement, a “terrorist” organization set up to get equal rights for those clones.
With her mom arrested, Leanne is forced to go on the run from a bounty hunter with nothing more than a virtual scrapbook filled with The Liberty Bell story. Leanna is scared and confused. Who can she trust? Are clones more than she was taught? Can she uncover the truth about The Liberty Bell and herself before it’s too late?
The sequel, Confessions of a Cyborg, will be published on February 1st, and is available for reserve now.

Superbowl XLV

Super Bowl XLV is scheduled for Sunday February 6, 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas with the Green Bay Packers playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Is your team playing in this Super Bowl Game?If not, who do you predict to win this most anticipated game of the year? Or do you just watch the game for the sheer enjoyment of the commercials and half-time entertainment?

I am curious to know if the weather (rain, snow, temperature) will affect either of the teams playing since neither one plays regularly at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. What’s in the game of football that makes it so big? What’s that thrill the players talk about?


The Billion Dollar Game The Billion Dollar Game by Allen St. John 796.332648 STJ
A Team to Believe In A Team to Believe In by Tom (Thomas Richard) Coughlin, 1946   796.332 Coughlin COU
Colts Road to XLI Colts Road to XLI DVD