Library Board of Trustees 2013-2014

Dorothy R. Crenshaw, President

Jim Lingenfelter, President (through December, 2013)

Kostas A. Poulakidas, Vice President

Lillian L. Charleston, Secretary

Vanessa Lopez Aguilera

Camille D. Blunt

Patricia A. Payne

Dr. David W. Wantz

Library Strategic Planning Team

Jackie Nytes, Chief Executive Officer

Laura Johnson, Director, Public Services

Christine Cairo, Director, Program and Project Development

Deborah Simmons Wilson, Principal, Engaging Solutions, LLC

Karen Ruprecht, Ruprecht & Hoke Consulting, LLC

Robert Hoke, Ruprecht & Hoke Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Carter, Administrative Assistant

Stategic Plan Steering Committee

Role of the Steering Committee

Hope Hampton, Co-Chair

Hope Hampton, Co-Chair

Christian Theological Seminary

Carey Lykins, Co-Chair

Carey Lykins, Co-Chair

Citizens Energy Group

Keira Amstutz

Indiana Humanities Council

Trevor Belden

Faegre Baker Daniels

Scott Bess

Goodwill Industries

Dennis Bland

Center for Leadership Development

Diane Herndon Borgmann

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation
Sycamore School

Joe Bowling

Englewood Community Development Corporation

Christian Carron

The Children's Museum

Andrea Copeland, PhD

IUPUI, School of Informatics and Computing

Andrea Cranfill

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation
Flashpoint Talent Management Consulting

Dorothy Crenshaw

Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees

Miriam Acevedo Davis

La Plaza

Laura Dodds

TechPoint Foundation for Youth

Terri Morris Downs

Immigrant Welcome Center

Mark Fisher

Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce

Monroe Gray

City-County Council

Thomas Hutchinson

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation
Krieg Devault, LLP

Dr. La Wanda Jobe

Ivy Tech

Aleesia Johnson

KIPP Indianapolis College Preparatory

James Kearns


Jason Kloth

Office of Education Innovation
City of Indianapolis

Jason Lunderman

Comcast Cable

Steve Mannheimer

IUPUI, School of Informatics & Computing

Dr. George E. Miller III

Martin University

Andrea Neely

Unite Negro College Fund

Kostas A. Poulakidas

Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees
Krieg Devault, LLP

Tara Seeley

Central Indiana Community Foundation

Myra Selby

Ice Miller, LLP

Gail Thomas Strong


Anne-Marie Taylor

Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center

Sarah Taylor

Office of the Mayor

Seema Parikshak Verma

BGBC Partners, LLC

Dr. David W. Wantz

Indianapolis Public Library Board of Trustees
University of Indianapolis

John Wilson

Indianapolis Public Library Foundation