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Staff Pick: That’s Not a Hippopotamus!

That’s Not a Hippopotamus!

On a visit to Don’s Safari, the students in class 2B attempt to find a missing hippopotamus.

“Ms. Wiskersniff’s class is on a field trip at Don’s Safari. The kids really want to see a hippopotamus, but can’t find it. The class identifies every new animal as a hippopotamus, until they take a closer look and find it isn’t a hippo- instead it might be a snake, an elephant or a skunk. Kids diving into pools and getting wrapped up by snakes keep Ms. Wiskersniff on her toes. Vibrant illustrations add to the book’s gentle humor while rhyming text moves the story along. This a great book to read aloud to kids in preschool through first grade.”

Recommended by Erin Murphy – Irvington Library

Staff Pick: Let’s Meet a Police Officer

Let's Meet a Police OfficerOfficer Gabby visits a class and discusses her job as a police officer.

“This is a great book to learn more about all the different things a police officer does. Officer Gabby visits a school and tells the children about her job of being a police officer. She talks about making children safe at school, and warns them about strangers. She tells them about her training to do her job and about other jobs like State Police and the FBI. The illustrator uses diverse characters in brightly colored cartoons.
This is a fast easy read that will be loved by young readers.”

This is a Cloverleaf book, Community Helpers. Other books you may be interested in:
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~ Recommended by Tamera Coolman, Fountain Square Library

The Best Days Are Dog Days

The Best Days are Dog Days

The story of a best friend from the point of view of a dog. The dog and the little girl sleep, eat and play together from the time they get up in the morning until they are tucked in together at night. Favotie illustration: the two of them brushing their teeth! A best friend story of puppy love. Author: Aaron Meshon

Staff Pick: Poo in the Zoo

Poo in the Zoo

Bob McGrew, the head keeper at the zoo, loves his job, except when he has to clean up after the animals! One day, after escaping his cage, the iguana leaves behind something that catches the attention of the entire town, and a poo museum owner, that ends up making Bob’s messy job a lot easier!

“A children’s picture book about the everyday responsibilities of the zoo keeper, including the not so desirable task of cleaning up the poo!
As soon as I saw the title for this book, I knew it was going to be good. Poo in the Zoo is a laugh out loud tale of Bob McGrew, the zoo keeper.

Poor Bob has lots to do each day including cleaning up after all the zoo animals. In a rhyming tale of descriptive poo proportions, Bob starts out a normal day only to have it end extraordinarily different. There’s an escaped iguana, glow in the dark poo and a poo museum! In the end, Bob finds a solution to his problems and he and the animals are able to enjoy their days a little easier and a little less smelly.

This story is great to engage a large group of kids. They laugh and ‘eww’ at all the mentions of poo. It catches their attention from the beginning and keeps them watching and listening till the very end. Smallman spins a great tale for the imagination and Ada Grey’s illustrations are ‘illuminating’ and engaging for any young reader’s eye.
I’d recommend this book for anyone with a sense of humor and who’s not too squeamish!”

Recommended by Maggie Ward – Warren Branch

Staff Pick: Runaway Tomato

Runaway Tomato

After dodging an enormous, rolling tomato, townsfolk hold a festival to honor the red fruit.

“The Runaway Tomato is an action packed story of what happens when a giant tomato grows on a hill above the town. The town comes together to save the city from the huge tomato and even turns the giant mess into a fun time for all. The quirky story and vivid illustrations make this a fun story to read aloud and share the pictures with a small group. There are so many fun things to find in the illustrations it can keep a family occupied for an afternoon. With a nod to the classic “cloudy with a chance of meatballs”, this book brings the tomato into the realm of fun food.”

Recommended by Catherine Scheib – Wayne Branch