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Free App – Little Finder ABC



App Features:

  • Free
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Rated 4+
  • Each letter name or sound is pronounced clearly which makes it easy for kids to first hear, and then find the letter
  • Choose upper or lower case letters
  • Add letters on the game board to adjust difficulty
  • Two kids can sit across from each other for 2 player mode to see who can find the letters the fastest
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Free App – ABC Ninja


An addictive and simple app for back to school preparation. Slice your way through all upper and lower case letters by name or phonic sounds

App Features:

  • Free
  • iTunes Preview
  • Google Play for Android
  • Made for Ages 5 and Under
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5 & Android
  • Supports 3 difficulty settings: EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Skill Apps for Kids
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Story Apps for Kids

Read Right Now! ALPHABET


Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® is a program of the Association for Library Service to Children and Public Library Association, divisions of the American Library Association. Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® is a registered trademark and is used with permission.

Early literacy begins at home with the adults in a child’s life. Use IndyPL’s Read Right Now! pages to have fun at home doing the five things that build early reading skills: Reading, Singing, Playing, Talking & Writing. Find books to read, songs to listen to, games to play, crafts to make and more! Things you can do RIGHT NOW, at home – no waiting!

AApple icdl
Read Right Now! A Apple Pie – This book introduces the letters A to Z while following the fortunes of an apple pie.
Made for iPad 50 or computer.
AlphabetFun UniteForLiteracy75
Read Right Now! Alphabet Fun Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!
Made for iPad 50 or computer.

More Reading:

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More Ways to Play with the Alphabet:


The more words children hear, the more words they learn, the better prepared they are to read! Here are some tips for talking about letters:

Talk Letters

More Ways to Practice Talking:

Zero to Three: Tips on Learning to Talk


Activities to practice writing the alphabet letters:

Salt Tray Teach Preschool  Handwriting Fun  Posh Divas  Road Racing  Playdough Plato
Jan Brett D Tracer 100 Jan Brett World Bubble Guppies 100 Bubble Guppies 2 Dora's Writing Paper 100 Dora Logo
More Practice Writing the Alphabet:

Z is for Moose

Helping kids learn the letters of the alphabet can get kind of dull after awhile! A is for Apple. B is for Ball. Meh. The only interesting part is looking to see what the author came up with for “Q” and “X”.

This alphabet boredom is true for kids too! To keep their attention (and yours!) give them a fun twist on the usual alphabet book. Read one with an alphabet surprise in it.

In Z is for Moose Moose gets impatient and bossy when he can’t wait his turn for the letter “M” page. Watch Moose shove other animals out of the way, cross words out and generally make a nuisance of himself…so much so that MOUSE is chosen for M, which doesn’t improve Moose’s behavior AT ALL. Moose is in tears until his clever friend Zebra shows him that even Z isn’t too late for a Moose.

If you like Z is for Moose and the idea of an alphabet book that makes talking about the letters fun, try one of these. It’s one thing to name a letter and say a word that begins with that letter. It’s a step more challenging to point out an alphabet mistake. What kid doesn’t like pointing out the mistakes other people make!

A Isn't for Fox Alphaoops Alphoops Halloween