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Midsummer Night’s Dream Ballet & Workshop – Central Library


Children of all ages and families are invited to Central Library's Clowes Auditorium as the Indianapolis School of Ballet performs an excerpt from its upcoming show, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Following the performance, ballet dancers will conduct a workshop in the Learning Curve's Green Screen Theatre highlighting various ballet dance moves. Children will be invited to participate in practicing the ballet steps the dancers will exhibit.

Sunday, May 5, 2013 @3:00pm



A Midummer Nights Dream A Midummer Nights Dream A Midummer Nights Dream The Best of Shakespeare
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Call-a-Pacer Read Like a Pro!

Read Like A Pro LogoChildren of all ages and families are invited to hear members of the Indiana Pacers read their favorite stories in children's literature during "Read Like a Pro — Call-a-Pacer 2013" on The Indianapolis Public Library's 24-hour Call-a-Story telephone line.

By dialing 275-4444, or toll-free at 877-275-9007, callers will hear recorded stories from Pacers players who demonstrate their love of reading as a way to encourage young ones to develop the habit.

This year's "Read Like a Pro — Call-a-Pacer 2013" schedule includes:


2012-13 Media Day2012-13 Media Day2012-13 Media Day2012-13 Media Day

Beginning April 29 Read by: Paul George
Is Your Mama a Llama?
Is Your Mama a Llama?
Deborah Guarino
Beginning May 6th Read by: Gerald Green
I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus
I’ve Lost My Hippopotamus
Jack Prelutsky
Beginning May 13th Read by: Orlando Johnson
How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?
Jane Yolen
Beginning May 20th Read by: George Hill
How Do You Feel?How Do You Feel?
Anthony Browne
Beginning May 28 Read by: Ian Mahinmi
Never Take a Shark to the DentistNever Take a Shark to the Dentist
Judi Barrett
Beginning June 3rd Read by: Jeff Pendergraph
Doreen Cronin
Beginning June 10th Read by: Tyler Hansbrough
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Bill Martin, Jr.
Beginning June 17th Read by: Miles Plumlee
Pop! The Invention of Bubble GumPop! The Invention of Bubble Gum
Meghan McCarthy

2012-13 Media Day2012-13 Media Day2012-13 Media Day

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Storytime Spotlight: College Avenue

CollegePuppetsSmallIf you happen to be at the College Avenue Branch and hear lots of singing or giggling coming from the community room, it means storytime with Ms. Denise is in session!

For the past year, Ms. Denise has been sharing her love of reading with the youngest patrons at College Avenue. Through sign language, songs, stories, activities and crafts, Denise helps families to realize that reading comes in different formats and can be found in many different places. Adults are always encouraged to be engaged and interactive with young people along their reading journey.

Ms. Denise looks forward to reading with you soon and invites you to visit one of her storytimes:

  • All programs begin at 10:30 am
  • Tuesdays- Baby & Me (children ages 9 months and younger who are not crawling - this program is not for older siblings)
  • Wednesdays- Preschooler & Me (children ages 3-5 years)
  • Thursdays- Toddler & Me (children 10 months to 2 years)

Meet Ms. Denise:CollegeDeniseSmall

Time with the Library: 4 ½ years

Favorite book: Any book that gets a young child excited about reading.

Favorite Thing about being a Librarian: “Hearing from parents about how their children “play library” or sing our regular storytime songs while at home and the stories about the adults who encourage their friends and even strangers to come to the College Avenue Branch storytimes. Sharing a love of learning and reading with others.”

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Baseball Opening Day

indianapolis-indians-logoOpening Day for baseball is the day professional baseball teams begin their regular season. For major league baseball that date for 2013 is March 30th, today. But here in Indiana, home of the Indianapolis Indians, opening day is:

April 4 vs. Columbus Clippers

  • Opening Night Fireworks, Schedule Magnet Giveaway & 60 Degree Weather Guarantee

    The defending IL West Division Champion Indians take the field to start the 2013 season! Enjoy a spectacular fireworks show after the game. The Indians will guarantee a 60 degree game or you will receive a free ticket to an April game of your choice.

What a great day to take your kids to Victory Field...a game and fireworks both! You know what you need to get you through the long innings? A hot dog, of course, and some of the new baseball picture books listed below. Read some while you are waiting for the fireworks to start.

And don't miss Library Night! The Indiana Blood Center Library Night is July 29, 2013.

New Baseball Picture Books & Early Readers

Slugger Curious George, Home Run Pirates at the Plate Mr. Zinger’s Hat Flat Stanley at Bat
First Base Blues Lucky Luis Homer Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit Clorinda Plays Baseball
Goodnight Baseball Take Me Out to the Yakyu

Books Recommended by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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Spring Break Fun Right HERE

There are A LOT of fun things to do including fun events at the library! Here are some more programs and workshops that are happening in our branches next week. For a full schedule of events available each day see our IndyPL Online Calendar of Events. Add to the adventure! Pick a branch you don't usually go to. IndyPL Locations and Hours.

IndyPL Events for Kids During Spring Break:

And here are even MORE fun library events, each one offered all over the city. Click on each picture for details & a schedule of dates and times:

2013FebBalloonTwisting 2013MarCelebrateElDia
2013FebKidzBiz 2013JanDogCommunications
2013JanDrawingComics 2013JanMythology101
2013JanPreschoolYoga 2012OctMusclesAndBones
2013Pets101 2013FebFacePainting
2013JanSingAlongMissBobbie 2013JanStorytimeCivicTheatre
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Disabilities Awareness

March is Indiana Disability Awareness Month organized by the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities. The Indiana Disability Awareness website has a lot of information including a free awareness kit and a recommended reading list for children.

Listed below are some selections from your own IndyPL Children's Librarians of their favorite titles that feature characters with disabilities.


Looking Out for Sarah Describes a day in the life of a seeing eye dog, from going with his owner to the grocery store and post office, to visiting a class of school children, and playing ball. Also describes their three-hundred mile walk from Boston to New York. Young Hoosier Book Award, 2004-2005, K-3 Nominee.Looking Out for Sarah by Sarah Lean~Janet Spaulding, Selection Services
Helping Sophia For the younger children there is Helping Sophia by Anastasia Suen (j179.9) about a young girl in a wheelchair whose classroom helper has to take time off to have a baby. The other kids in the class take turns and learn to help Sophia get around in her wheelchair. Thy find out it’s not easy, but gain understanding of Sophia’s situation.Helping Sophia by Anastasia SuenWhen Sophia's helper is absent, her fellow third-graders help out by learning how to push her wheelchair.~Linda Tegmeyer, Brightwood Branch Library
Back to Front and Upside Down I really loved this year’s Schneider Family Book Award winner for the younger children category “Back to Front and Upside Down!” While the rest of the class makes birthday cards for the principal, Stanley struggles with his words and letters.Back to Front and Upside Down by Claire Alexander~Janet Spaulding, Selection Services
Wonder Ten-year-old Auggie Pullman, who was born with extreme facial abnormalities and was not expected to survive, goes from being home-schooled to entering fifth grade at a private middle school in Manhattan, which entails enduring the taunting and fear of his classmates as he struggles to be seen as just another student.Wonder by RJ Palacio~Barb Obergfell, Outreach Services
Cool Midnight Nine-year-old Lila, born with xeroderma pigmentosum, a skin disease that make her sensitive to sunlight, makes secret plans to feel the sun's rays on her tenth birthday. And so, she plays at night with her friends – who might or might not be real.Cool Moonlight by Angela JohnsonBarb Obergfell, Outreach Services
Spider Sparrow Spider, a baby abandoned on an English farm, grows up to be mentally slower than other children but manifests a remarkable talent for communicating with animals as he comes of age during World War II, a slower child whose quiet, calm, kind nature is a gift to everyone.Spider Sparrow by Dick King-Smith~Barb Obergfell, Outreach Services
Wonderstruck Wonderful! Having lost his mother and his hearing in a short time, twelve-year-old Ben leaves his Minnesota home in 1977 to seek the father he never knew in New York City, and meets there Rose, who is also longing for something missing from her life. Ben's story is told in words; Rose's in pictures.Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick~Erin Moehring, Southport Branch Library and Janet Spaulding, Selection Services
A Dog Called Homeless Fifth-grader Cally Louise Fisher stops talking, partly because her father and brother never speak of her mother who died a year earlier, but visions of her mother, friendships with a homeless man and a disabled boy, and a huge dog ensure that she still communicates.A Dog Called Homeless by Sarah Lean~Janet Spaulding, Selection Services
For the older boys and girls I highly recommend Sharon Draper’s Out Of My Mind( jFIC). It’s also a Young Hoosier Book – very well written and thought provoking. It’s about a young girl who’s body is deformed (wheelchair bound), she can’t speak and her body spasms uncontrollably at the most inopportune times. She is very bright and knows the answers to the questions teachers ask, but has no way to express her knowledge. Everyone, except her family thinks she is retarded or dumb. How frustrating that must be. Finally with the help of a special computer she is able to communicate. I couldn’t wait to read what happened next!Out of My Mind by Sharon DraperConsidered by many to be mentally disabled, a brilliant, impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time. Young Hoosier Book Award, 2012-2013, 6-8 Nominee.~Linda Tegmeyer, Brightwood Branch Library
I recommend:The Kaleidoscope Kid by Elaine LarsonPresents a collection of poems pointing out the variety of intellectual strengths and personality traits possessed by children with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism.~Joseph Fox, Wayne Branch Library
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The Tortoise and the Hare at The Children’s Museum

The Tortoise and the Hare
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Lilly Theater
March 16–April 21

"Based on one of Aesop's Fables, this well-known tale concerns a boastful hare that ridicules a slow-moving tortoise and challenges him to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, decides to take a nap midway through the course. When he awakes, however, he finds that his competitor, moving slow and steady, finishes before him. The story teaches important lessons about humility and believing in yourself. 30 minutes, recommended for ages 4 and up."

There are lots of stories most kids can rattle off without thinking much – The Tortoise and the Hare, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, Cinderella, etc. Some of these stories are so commonly told that children all over the world know them.  Sometimes, storytellers like to just have fun with a traditional story. For example a storyteller might think, “what if Sleeping Beauty was a boy?” or “What if Cinderella wanted to play in a hockey game instead of go to a ball?” or “What if we heard the Big Bad Wolf’s side of the story?”

At the library, we have several re-tellings of The Tortoise and the Hare from a groovy modern one to a tale from the Southwest. Retelling traditional tales in new ways is really fun. If your kids like these kinds of fractured fairy tales try the IndyPL Kid's Blog Page: Fractured Fairy Tales. This page is a list of traditional stories that have a twist – the stories are either set in a different country, are told from a new point of view or have some kind of fun twist to make the story unique.

Here are some fun retellings of The Tortoise and the Hare:

The Really Groovy Story of the Tortoise and the Hare The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit The Great Race The Tortoise and the Hare Race Again   The Tortoise and the Hare
The Race of the Century The hare and the tortoise = La liebre y la tortuga
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World Read Aloud Day – Today!


Read It Forward on World Read Aloud Day
Celebrate by reading aloud, giving away a book, or taking action in any way you can to Read It Forward on behalf of the 793 million people who cannot read.

  • World Read Aloud Day Blog

You can come to the library today to checkout some books to read aloud or stay right where you are - here are some picture books you can read or listen to online:

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The Ooey Gooey Lady Preschool Workshop


Lisa Murphy, the Ooey Gooey Lady: Extending the Stories for Every Child
Central Library (Central)
Tuesday, February 26, 2013
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Age Level: Adults
Registration Required Please Contact Central Library 275-4096

Adults are invited as Lisa Murphy, nationally renowned childhood education specialist, shares ideas for meaningful and fun activities to extend learning beyond traditional storytime. Attendees will leave with activities from their favorite children's books and stories, as well as hear Lisa's spin on Howard Gardner's classic multiple intelligences theory. This program will be held in the Clowes Auditorium at Central Library. Official Website The Ooey Gooey Lady

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Face Painting & Balloon Twisting


Children ages 8 and older are invited to learn the basics of face painting in this hands-on workshop presented by Hugabug Family Entertainment. Schedule

Streg Nona: Her Story Fun with Face Painting Face Painting Extreme Face Painting

Children ages 8 and older are invited to learn the basics of balloon twisting during this hands-on workshop presented by Hugabug Family Entertainment.2013FebBalloonTwisting Schedule


Extreme Balloon Tying Kid’s Guide to Balloon Twisting The Ultimate Balloon Book Ballooning
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