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Read Right Now! ZOO

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

Dear Zoo 150
The Big Little Book Corner 75
Listen to Dear Zoo - A child writes to the zoo for a pet. The zoo send a series of unsuitable pets, revealed behind flaps in the form of crates and packing cases. These animals are all sent back for different reasons, except the last one, which is perfect!

Read Hello Baby Panda - Most pandas live in China, but young readers will visit a baby panda born right here in the United States with this audio article with photographs.

The Great Panda Tale WeGiveBooksSmall
Read The Great Panda Tale - Join Louise and the rest of the zoo crew as they eagerly await the arrival of a new baby panda. Get to know the zoo's current pandas and find out what they eat and how they grow. With longer sentences, increased vocabulary, information boxes, and a simple index, readers beginning to read alone will enjoy reading The Great Panda Tale.

DenverZooHelpsAnimals UniteForLiteracy75
Read Denver Zoo Helps Animals Around the World Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

WhoLivesAtDenverZoo UniteForLiteracy75
Read Who Lives At Denver Zoo? Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

MovingAtTheZoo UniteForLiteracy75
Read Moving at the Zoo Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

OurTripToDenverZoo UniteForLiteracy75
Read Our Trip to Denver Zoo Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

WorkingOnTheWildSide UniteForLiteracy75
Read Working on the Wild Side Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

WhoIsDenverZoo UniteForLiteracy75
Read Who Is Denver Zoo? Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

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Favorite Zoo Books:

ZooAh ZooFeeds ZooGoodnight ZooShout

Zoo Downloadable eBooks:

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Read Right Now! MONKEYS

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

CuriousGeorge Curious George Logo
Read Curious George Stories - A monkey who is too curious for his own good, finds himself in many strange situations.

US Ape jkt indd .indd WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Watch Me Grow: Ape - We start life as baby apes, but how do we turn into the gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gibbons that live in the jungle? Turn the pages and watch us grow!

Why Monkeys Swing in Trees WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Why Monkeys Swing in Trees - You see there was a time when Monkeys didn't swing in the trees. They used to stay on the ground and play . . . And they loved to wind Crocodile up! Join the mischievous Monkeys for a gloriously colourful adventure through Tinga Tinga, and find out what happens when Crocodile gets cross and goes SNAP!

More FREE Online Reading:


Favorite Monkey Books:

MonkeysGeorge MonkeysJumping MonkeysMe MonkeysTruck

Monkey Downloadable eBooks:

Want to read more without ever leaving home? Use your indyPL library card to download eBooks and audiobooks. Click on a book jacket to choose a book to download.

NineMonkeys MonkeysBoy
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Read Right Now! BOOKS

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

Read Librarian - Librarians love to read, too, as early learners will find out in this read-along book about life at the library.

Hands Around the Library
Read Hands Around the Library - The inspiring true story of demonstrators standing up for the love of a library, from a New York Times bestselling illustrator. In January 2011, in a moment that captured the hearts of people all over the world, thousands of Egypt's students, library workers, and demonstrators surrounded the great Library of Alexandria and joined hands, forming a human chain to protect the building. They chanted "We love you, Egypt!" as they stood together for the freedom the library represented.

EveryoneReads UniteForLiteracy75
Read Everyone Reads Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

IReadEverywhere UniteForLiteracy75
Read I Read Everywhere Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

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BooksAmelia BooksElf Booksflying BooksMouse


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2013-2015 AISLE Read Alouds Too-Good-To-Miss

AISLEReadAloudsRead Alouds Too-Good-To-Miss is a project of the Association of Indiana School Library Educators (AISLE). Each year, a committee of media specialists, public librarians, classroom teachers, reading teachers, principals, bookstore operators, and/or university faculty members is formed to develop five read-aloud lists: one for primary age students, one for upper elementary, one for middle school students, one for high school students, and an ageless. There is also a Buried Treasures list for 2013-2015, for books that are a bit older but warrant mention for their outstanding read-aloud qualities. The lists are publicized and distributed to Indiana schools to encourage sustained reading and oral sharing of literature among teachers and students.

The ultimate purpose of the Read-Aloud Books Too Good To Miss program is to promote a love of reading and books and to instill and nurture lifelong reading habits in Indiana students.

Ageless Titles

All the World AmazingFaces Exclamation Mark The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit One Press Here

Buried Treasures

Inkheart Library Lion Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook Punk Farm
The Magic Hat The Three Horrid Little Pigs An Undone Fairy Tale A Visitor for Bear
Wild About Books Zen Shorts

Primary Grade Readers

Boy + Bot Can You Make a Scary Face Chicken Little Dragons Love Tacos
Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet Go, Go Grapes It’s a Tiger Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons
Spoon Stuck

Upper Elementary Readers

About Average BookSpeak! Poems About Books Crow Call Each Kindness
Extra Yarn The Lemonade Crime Lulu and the Brontosaurus Collision
SOS Unsinkable Wonder Yes, Yes, Yaul

Middle Grade Readers

14 Cows for America The Apothecary The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Countdown
Guys Read: Funny Business Hoop Genius: How a Desperate Teacher and a Rowdy Gym Class Invented Basketball Mr. Terupt Falls Again Small as an Elephant
Three Times Lucky Tuesdays at the Castle

High School Readers

BZRK Dizzy in Your Eyes…Poems About Love Every Day Kids of Kabul
Legend October Mourning Son
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28 Days Later Black History Month Featured Author Daniel Beaty


Today's honoree in the seventh annual 28 Days Later campaign, a Black History Month celebration of children’s book creators of color, is Daniel Beaty.


The campaign will run February 1-28, 2014.

A boy wakes up one morning to find his father gone. At first, he feels lost. But his father has left him a letter filled with advice to guide him through the times he cannot be there.


The Brown Bookshelf blog is designed to push awareness of African American voices writing for young readers. A major program of theirs is 28 Days Later, a month-long showcase of the best in Picture Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult. Read more about the founders of The Brown Bookshelf here.

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NEW! Kids eReading Room: eBooks & eAudio


Children and families can now easily find eBooks and eAudio for kids in the NEW! KIDS eReading Room at Check them out with your library card just like printed library books.  The collection includes such favorites as:

  • Clifford, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fancy Nancy for younger readers
  • Judy Moody and the Magic Treehouse series for middle readers
  • C.S. Lewis, Lemony Snicket, James Dashner, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter for older kids
  • Comic and graphic novels
  • Humor, Mystery, Science & Nature, Science Fiction, & Fantasy

Library eBooks are compatible for downloading on most eReaders, tablets and mobile devices running the free Kindle app, as well as smartphones, iOS and Android devices. Using your Library card, you can download up to 25 items at a time for loan periods ranging from 7 to 21 days or access items from your browser.

Titles available include:

BearsVacation AllDads CharlieChocolate DeepZone

Also available is the Disney Digital Collection


The Disney Digital Collection feature all of your kids' favorite Disney and Disney Pixar characters. The Disney Digital eBook and eAudio collection is great because they are always available - no waiting in line! All you need is an internet connection and library card! Disney Digital Books launch in your browser. The service is PC and Mac® compatible and does not require a download.

  • Unlimited access to over 600 new and classic Disney books for kids of all ages
  • Look and Listen titles that allow children to hear a story read aloud
  • a Story-Builder feature so kids can create and share their own stories
  • an Age-appropriate dictionary that lets children click on any word to hear it read aloud, select unfamiliar words, and read simple definitions.
BuzzWoody Dumbo HandyManny Nemo
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids from IndyPL Librarians

Frosty the SnowmanCindy Childers,
Garfield Park
Random House Book of Poetry for ChildrenCindy Childers,
Garfield Park
Hard LuckCindy Childers,
Garfield Park
Fortunately, The MilkBeth Pintal,
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the WorldLeigh Thomas,
Learning Curve
The Day the Crayons QuitEmilie Lynn,
East 38th St.
DaysPopUpSusan Barhan,
Baby Bear Counts OneAmy Friedman,
Learning Curve
If You Give a Mouse a CookieLindsay Haddix,
Cinders: A Chicken CinderellaLindsay Haddix,
Deck the Walls: A Wacky Christmas CarolKaren Perry,
Franklin Road
Merry Christmas SplatKatie Klopp,
In the Month of KislevShellie Rich,
Learning Curve
Auntie ClausShellie Rich,
Learning Curve
Press HereDaniell Wilkins,
College Ave.
Ladybug Girl and the Big SnowJanet Spaulding,
Selection Services
OliviaMiriam Guidero,
King Bidgood's in the BathtubMiriam Guidero,
Miss RumphiumMiriam Guidero,
Deck the HallDiane Palguta,
College Ave.
Santa's Snow CatDiane Palguta,
College Ave.
The Rabbit and the BearDiane Palguta,
College Ave.




Free to Be You and MeLindsay Haddix,
Sandra Boynton’s Frog TroubleLindsay Haddix,
Turn Turn TurnShellie Rich,
Learning Curve


The Little Mermaid Diamond EditionKatie Klopp,
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Reading Champion Nov. 19: Heidi Stemple DINOSAURS



Read Right Now!

Let's Look-Dinosaursjkt.indd WeGiveBooksSmall
Watch Let's Look Dinosaurs - Discover huge and gentle plant eaters, and small and fierce meat eaters, as your child learn all about dinosaurs. The Let's Look series uses colorful images, simple text labels, and fun "I spy" games to introduce curious preschoolers to the world. Try these activities at home:


SkippyjonBones WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones - Holy guacamole! Skippyjon Jones is crazy-loco for dinosaurs! The kitty boy enters (via his closet) the land of dinosaurs in search of the fabled Skipposaurus. Instead he runs into his old amigos, the Chimichango gang. Try these activities at home:

Read Quincy and the Dinosaurs - Rocket takes the Little Einsteins to the jungle. They are looking for dinosaurs. But they see and hear much more than they thought they would! Disney Digital Books are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for checkout with your IndyPL Library Card. See books below for more downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks.

Want to read more without ever leaving home? Use your indyPL library card to download eBooks and audiobooks. Click on a book jacket to choose a book to download.

Downloadable eBooks:

GeorgeDinosaurs BerenstainBone DancingDinos DancingDinosSchool
NumbersDinosaurs DinosaurCrafts DinosaurBones

Downloadable Audiobooks:

DinosaursWell DannyDinosaur DinosaursGoodnight
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Reading Champion Nov. 17: Sue Fliess ROBOTS



Read Right Now!

RobomopSmall WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Robomop - A robotic mop, assigned to clean a basement restroom, yearns to feel the sunshine, see the world, and more, but when he is finally outside, he discovers that what he needs most of all is a friend.

RubyGoalSmall NickJrSmall
Read Ruby Scores a Goal - Ruby is learning how to score a soccer goal while Max plays with his wind-up robots on the sidelines. Time and time again, Max's robots get in Ruby's way and prevent her from scoring.Try these activities at home:

StarfallRobot StarfallLogo
Read Robot & Mr. Mole - A beginning reader featuring the long "O" sound.

Downloadable eBooks:

eBookBoyBot DougUnplugged BeeBah
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Reading Champion Nov. 16: Hazel G. Mitchell SEA



Downloadable eBooks:

BusOcean ThomasLost SeaCountdown DownSea
FrankTank NumberOcean FrankTank NumberOcean
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