Helping Children Cope with Tragic Events

“We’re going over in a safe area,” she told the 5-year-olds. Then, she opened a book and started to read.”  ~Kindergarten Teacher, Sandy Hook Elementary School

This is what we have to offer you today in the aftermath of the inexplicable. Come. Open a book. Start to read. Hold them close and revisit old friends together; Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, Arthur, The Little Engine That Could.

Or stay at home and do the same. Find the books in the bookcase with the dog-eared pages and the tell-tale bite marks on the spine; the ones you can probably recite without looking at the pages. Choose the one with the coffee ring on the cover for having been on the bedside table every night.

Favorite stories are steadfast old friends to count on in times of trouble.

It is clear from the resources we have gathered below that one of the best things we can all do is simply reassure children that many people – their family, their teachers, their neighbors, the people at day care or church or the library love and care about them and are looking out for their safety.

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh?” he whispered. 
”Yes, Piglet?” 
”Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s hand. “I just wanted to be sure of you.” ~ A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Professional Advice about Helping Children Cope with Violence and Tragic Events:

Dad and Children Reading Photo While favorite stories are comforting and familiar, you may find that it would be helpful to read a book together that helps your child understand feeling afraid or anxious; or answers questions he or she might have about death. Below are several children’s books that address separation anxiety, fear and grief. These are just a small sampling to show you the kinds of books that are available. Also listed are some parenting books about helping a child cope with anxiety. Click on any book jacket to go directly to the online catalog to make a request with your IndyPL Library Card, or visit any of our branch locations. IndyPL librarians would be happy to help you find books like these. NOTE: The first two titles, Owl Babies and The Kissing Hand, you can watch right now online – no waiting. Both are about learning to cope with separation anxiety.

Video Storytime:

OwlBabies CandlewickSmall
Watch Right Now: Owl Babies – Three baby owls panic when they awaken one night and find their mother gone, worrying about what has happened to her and becoming frightened by all the scary things that surround them in the dark. Print, Downloadable eBook, en español
Watch Right Now: The Kissing Hand – When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him. Print, Downloadable eBook, en español

Picture Books:

Chapter Books for Older Readers

Invisible String The Invisible String – When Liza and Jeremy run to their mother during a scary storm, she comforts them by telling them about the Invisible String, which connects people who love each other no matter where they are and means that they are never alone. Print
Boats for Papa Boats for Papa – Buckley and his mother cope with the loss of their father/husband by sending small wooden boats, built by Buckley, off into the ocean. Print
Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories Chester Raccoon and the Acorn Full of Memories – After his mother explains why his classmate is not returning to school, she teaches Chester Raccoon how to make a memory. Print, Downloadable eBook
City Dog Country Frog City Dog, Country Frog – In spring, when City Dog runs free in the country for the first time, he spots Country Frog sitting on a rock, waiting for a friend. “You’ll do,” Frog says, and together they play Country Frog games. In summer, they meet again and play City Dog games. Through the seasons, whenever City Dog visits the country he runs straight for Country Frog’s rock. In winter, things change for City Dog and Country Frog. Come spring, friendship blooms again, a little different this time. Print
The Giving Tree The Giving Tree – A young boy grows to manhood and old age experiencing the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without thought of return. Print, Downloadable eBook
Grandpa Green Grandpa Green – A child explores the ordinary life of his extraordinary great-grandfather, as expressed in his topiary garden. Explores aging, memory, and the bonds of family history and love. Print
Grandpas Soup Grandpa’s Soup – After the death of his wife, an old man gradually realizes that making the soup she used to cook and sharing it with friends eases his loneliness. Print
Healing Days Healing Days – A guide for kids who have experienced trauma. Print
The Hugging Tree The Hugging Tree – Told in rhyming text, a little tree clings tenaciously to a granite cliff, determined to live, tended by a little boy, and ultimately loved by the people in the community. Print
I Miss You I Miss You – Explores the difficult issue of death for young children. Feelings and questions about this sensitive subject are looked at in a simple but realistic way. Written by a psychotherapist and counselor this book helps children to understand their loss and to come to terms with their feelings. Print, Downloadable eBook
Jenny is Scared Jenny is Scared – When Jenny and her brother are frightened by events in the world, their parents help them talk about their fears and feel better. Print
The Kiss Box The Kiss Box
– As they prepare for a short separation, Mama Bear and Little Bear find a way to reassure each other while they are apart. Print
Love Hugs & Hope Love, Hugs & Hope – Helps children identify feelings that overwhelm them with anxiety and despair. Explains that sometimes bad things happen and good people are hurt. Children feel fear, sadness, and anger. The book teaches that there are ways of dealing with these emotions and helps children reaffirm fundamental truths about the world. Print
Love Waves Love Waves – While they are at work a mother and father send powerful “love waves” to their child at home, offering reassurance and comfort in their absence. Print
Mommy In My Pocket Mommy in My Pocket – A little girl gets anxious about separation from her mommy when she goes to school. Print
Nana Upstairs Nana Downstairs Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs – Four-year-old Tommy enjoys his relationship with both his grandmother and great-grandmother, but eventually learns to face their inevitable death. Print
On That Day On That Day: a Book of Hope for Children – This book tells children that although terrible things happen, there is still hope that the world can be a better place. Print
Remembering Crystal Remembering Crystal – Zelda is a young duck that lives in the garden. Her friend Crystal is a turtle who is growing old. The two do many things together. One day Crystal is not in the garden. But friendship never dies. Print
Remembering Mrs Rossi Remembering Mrs. Rossi – Although she loves her father, their home in New York City, and third-grade teacher Miss Meadows, Annie misses her mother who died recently. Print, Downloadable eBook
The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm – When little Mica is frightened by a storm, her father tells her the story of a rhino who was feeling lost and alone, until he learns that with the love of family and friends, there will always be help during tough times. Downloadable eBook
Sad Isn't Bad Sad Isn’t Bad – a good grief guidebook for kids dealing with loss. Downloadable eBook
Snowflakes Fall Snowflakes Fall – In this illustrated poem in honor of the victims of the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, falling snowflakes celebrate the uniqueness of life, its precious, simple moments, and the strength of memory. Print, Downloadable eBook
Some Bunny To Talk To Some Bunny To Talk To – When Little Bunny’s problem makes him feel sad and fearful, he goes to a therapist for help. Print, Downloadable eBook
Tear Soup Tear Soup – A modern-day fable, told in a richly illustrated children’s book format, about a woman who has suffered a terrible loss. Grandy has just suffered a big loss in her life, so she is cooking up a batch of “tear soup,” in which the ingredients are parts of the grieving process, including memories, misgivings, feelings, and tears. Print
A Terrible Thing That Happened A Terrible Thing Happened – After Sherman sees something terrible happen, he becomes anxious and then angry, but when a counselor helps him talk about these emotions he feels better. Print
Tough Boris Tough Boris – Although he is a very tough pirate, Boris von der Borch cries when his parrot dies. Print
What to do When You're Scared & Worried What To Do When You’re Scared and Worried – Why do we have worries and fears? — Fears after something bad has happened — Fears of people, animals, and situations — Worries about being away from your parents : separation anxiety — Thoughts and behaviors you can’t stop — Worrying all the time — Panic, feeling you are going crazy or about to die — How to control your worries and fears — When fears and worries will not go away — For parents : helping your children cope with worries and fears. Print, Downloadable eBook
When Bad Things Happen When Bad Things Happen: A Guide to Help Kids Cope – Truly bad things happen in life. And while we cannot shelter children from every hurt and harm, we can reassure them that they will always be loved and cared for. We can teach children the skills needed for coping with life’s biggest challenges and changes. And we can restore children’s trust that life, after all, is good. Downloadable eBook
When Dinosaurs Die When Dinosaurs Die – Explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding the death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died. Print
Where is Grandpa Where is Grandpa? – As his family reminisces after his beloved grandfather’s death, a boy realizes that his grandfather is still with him in all the special places they shared. Print

For Adults:

Freeing Your Child From Anxiety Freeing Your Child From Anxiety – Written by an expert in the field of childhood anxiety disorders, this indispensable guide is for parents looking for safe, proven methods for reducing childhood anxiety. Dr. Chansky shows them how to teach their child to successfully deal with stress and face the challenges and uncertainties of life. This resource is a CD but is also available as a PrintDownloadable eBook
Growing Up Brave Growing Up Brave – The author, a childhood anxiety expert, helps parents identify and understand anxiety in their children, outlines effective and convenient parenting techniques for reducing anxiety, and shows parents how to promote bravery for long-term confidence. Print

More FREE Online Reading:

Superman Day! 75th Anniversary

June 12this Superman Day! What better day to remember your own imaginary adventures being the Man of Steel than by reading a Superman adventure and then putting together a costume for your own little Superboy or Supergirl! You can use an old towel or try one of the more involved costumes below – either way, the imagination will take over.

Picture Books

DC Super Heroes Story Book CollectionSuperman: Attack of the ToymanSuperman: Darkseid’s RevengeSuperman: Parasite CitySuperman: The Story of the Man of SteelSuperman and the Mayhem of MetalloSuperman: The Incredible Shrinking Super Hero!

Early Readers

Bizarro Day!Crime Wave!Superman: Escape from the Phantom ZoneSuperman: Superman versus MongulBrain Freeze!Superman: Superman versus BizarroI am Superman

Selected by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

Celebrating Every Boy and Girl

Girls Are Not Tomboys
This booklist is inspired by the blog post “Girls Are Not Tomboys – They Are Girls” by Sharon Suchoval.

Some girls climb trees.Of Course They Do

Some girls wear dresses.

Some girls climb trees while wearing dresses.

Girls are Girls, Boys are Boys, Kids are Kids, In all their different and marvelous ways! Boys and girls can do anything! Here are some books that celebrate each kid in their own way.

Listen Right Now!

  • Amazing Grace Amazing Grace Listen to Amazing Grace – Grace loves stories, whether they’re in books or in movies or the kind her grandmother tells. She acts out the most exciting parts of all sorts of tales…sometimes Hiawatha, or Aladdin, of Joan of Arc…There’s nothing that Grace enjoys more. Determined to play Peter Pan in the school play, African-American Grace meets opposition in her classmates, who insist that Peter Pan is a boy and white.

Books to Check-out with your Library Card:

Amazing GraceDo Princesses Wear Hiking BootsElena's SerenadeFree To Be You and MeHappy to be GirlsHow to BeI like MyselfI Want to Be a CowgirlJust Like Josh GibsonKnit Your BitMade By RaffiMama Is a MinerMorris Micklewhite and the Tangerine DressNot All Princesses Dress in PinkNot Every PrincessOliver Button is a SissySam Johnson and the Blue Ribbon QuiltSwishWilliams DollGrandma Drove the Snowplow

A Mighty Girl150Find more stories about Mighty Girls on the reading list: Individuality

DIY Book Character Birthday Parties & Printables

Book characters make great birthday party themes because they are FAVORITES. On these pages you will find everything you need to plan a fun book character Birthday Party on the cheap. All you need is a computer, printer, some time…and your library card! We have the books, movies & music to make your party a memorable hit.

4 indyPL Ready to Read Book Character Birthday Parties:

Everything you need from invitations to thank you notes!

DIY Arthur Birthday Party DIY Cat in the Hat Birthday Party
DIY Curious George Birthday Party DIY Clifford Birthday Party

More Book Character Printables for Making Your Own DIY Book Character Birthday Party:

Amelia Bedelia

Arnie the Doughnut


Audrey Wood (The Napping House; King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub)

Axel the Truck


Bad Kitty

The Berenstain Bears


Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Charlie the Ranch Dog

Clark the Shark

Clifford the Big Red Dog


Curious George

Danny and the Dinosaur

The Day the Crayons Quit

Digger the Dinosaur

Doreen Cronin (Click Clack Moo)

Dr. Suess

Eric Carle

Fancy Nancy


Flat Stanley

Frog and Toad


Go Dog Go

Guess How Much I Love You

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Harriet the Spy

Interrupting Chicken

Jack Prelutsky (A Pizze the Size of the Sun, New Kid on the Block, My Dog May Be a Genius)

Jon Klassen (I Want My Hat Back, This is Not My Hat)

Junie B. Jones

Kevin Henkes (Chrysanthemum, Owen, Lilly)

Ladybug Girl

Laura Numeroff (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Cat a Cupcake, Pig a Party)

Leo Lionni (Swimmy, Frederick)

Library Lion

Little Bear

Little Golden Books

Little Critter

Little Pookie

Llama Llama

Lunch Lady



Make Way for Ducklings

Max & Ruby

Mercy Watson


Mo Willems (Pigeon, Elephant & Pig, Knuffle Bunny)

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Nate the Great


Olivia the Pig

Pat the Bunny

Peg & Cat

Peppa Pig

Pete the Cat


Richard Scarry

Rocket the dog

Sesame Street

Shel Silverstein

The Snowy Day

Splat the Cat



Tacky the Penguin

Thomas the Tank Engine

The Very  Hungry Caterpillar

Where the Wild Things Are

Where’s Waldo?

You’re a Bear

Zita the Space Girl

Publisher Index Pages for Activity Guides:

National Doughnut Day Story – Arnie the Doughnut

Arnie the Doughnut

June 3, 2016 is National Donut Day! In honor of it – here is a favorite Doughnut story – Arnie the Doughnut.

Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to stream the video story Arnie the Doughnut. Click on Arnie’s book jacket & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?

Arnie the talking doughnut convinces Mr. Bing that not all doughnuts are meant to be eaten. Funniest picture…when Arnie realizes SOME PEOPLE EAT DOUGHNUTS! (We do!)

More Doughnut Books:

The Bowling Alley BanditUfonutsIf You Give a Dog a DonutThe Case of the Missing DonutWho Needs DonutsThe Donut ChefHomer Price

Read Right Now! Mighty Girl Stories

Catching the Moon StorylineLogo Watch Catching the Moon – A picture book biography highlighting a pivotal event in the childhood of African American baseball player Marcenia “Toni Stone” Lyle Alberga, the woman who broke baseball’s gender barrier by becoming the first female roster member of a professional Negro League team. Read by Kevin Costner & Jillian Estell. Printable Activity Guide

Amazing Grace150 Dallas Schools Television Logo Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the school play because she is black, Grace discovers that she can do anything she sets her mind to do.

Brave Irene150
Brave Irene is Irene Bobbin, the dressmaker’s daughter. Her mother, Mrs. Bobbin, isn’t feeling so well and can’t possibly deliver the beautiful ball gown she’s made for the duchess to wear that very evening. So plucky Irene volunteers to get the gown to the palace on time, in spite of the fierce snowstorm that’s brewing– quite an errand for a little girl.But where there’s a will, there’s a way, as Irene proves in the danger-fraught adventure that follows. She must defy the wiles of the wicked wind, her most formidable opponent, and overcome many obstacles before she completes her mission. Surely, this winning heroine will inspire every child to cheer her on.

Saddle Up150 UniteForLiteracy75 Stories, both real and imagined, show what girls can do. The stories of women’s lives, and the choices they made, encourage girls to think larger and bolder, and give boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience. Read Right Now! eBook Saddle Up

The Girl Who Learned to Fly UniteForLiteracy75 How a girl named Sylvia learned to fly. Read Right Now! eBook The Girl Who Learned to Fly

More FREE Online Reading:

Read Right Now! CAMP

Every Child Ready to Read® @ your library® is a program of the Association for Library Service to Children and Public Library Association, divisions of the American Library Association.

Use IndyPL’s Read Right Now! pages to have fun at home doing the five things that build early reading skills: Reading, Playing, Writing, Singing & Talking. Find books to read, songs to listen to, games to play, crafts to make and more! Things you can do RIGHT NOW, at home – no waiting!

FREE Online eBooks about Camp:

ArthurCampLet's Go CampingCamping at Lost Lake

Camp eBooks & eAudiobooks to Check out with your Library Card:

hoopla_logo_100 wideoverdrive-icon 75
Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to check out FREE Online eBooks & eAudiobooks. Click on a book jacket & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?
BearsShootBearsCampScaryCampoutSpreeMageeDragonCampingDonaldCampingCampSpongebobTackyCampSheepHikeGeorgeCampingTinyCampingPJCampsFredTedCampingCamping GreenArthurCampout

More FREE Online Reading:

Printables, Crafts & More about Camp:

500+ eBooks & Video Read Alouds for Kids with an iPad

These clickable eBooks & Video Read  Alouds are brought to you by some of our awesome literacy partners:

StorylineLogoSmallPBSKidsSmallFriendMaisyStoryplace LogoicdlLittle CritterPenguinGroupCandlewickSmallBarnesMedbrightly-logo75Reading Rainbow Logo 150Highlights

NOTE: Books with a * are available in Spanish. For the “Unite for Literacy” books, click on the button “Narration” to change the audio to Spanish.

    1. Abiyoyo read by Pete Seeger (video)
    2. *Air Dogs (eBook)
    3. Aladdin read by John Krasinski(video)
    4. Albert and Little Henry read by Jez Alborough (video)
    5. Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day read by Judith Viorst (video)
    6. All about Bugs (video)
    7. All about Cats (video)
    8. All about Dancers (video)
    9. All about Dogs (video)
    10. *All Kinds of Animals (eBook)
    11. *All Kinds of Ladybugs (eBook)
    12. Alligators Are Really Shy (eBook)
    13. *Alphabet Fun (eBook)
    14. Always in Trouble (video)
    15. Amazing Grace read by Clarice Tinsley (video)
    16. Amy’s Origami (eBook)
    17. Anansi Tries to Steal All the Wisdom read by Nick Cannon (video)
    18. Ancient Disc’s Secret Message, An (eBook)
    19. Anglerfish (ePoem)
    20. Animal Moves (eBook)
    21. *Animals I Know (eBook)
    22. *Animals in Motion (eBook)
    23. *Animals That Swim (eBook)
    24. Ant and the Grasshopper, The (video)
    25. Ant Olympics (ePoem)
    26. Ants (ePoem)
    27. *Apple Annie (eBook)
    28. Apple Pie, A by Kate Greenaway (eBook)
    29. Arctic Foxes Secrets of Survival Level A (eBook)
    30. Arctic Foxes Secrets of Survival Level B (eBook)
    31. *Are You an Artist? (eBook)
    32. *Are You Ready for School? (eBook)
    33. Arthur’s New Puppy read by Jeff Probst (video)
    34. *Assemply Plant, The (eBook)
    35. At the Beach (eBook)
    36. Autumn (ePoem)
    37. Axle the Freeway Cat (eBook)
    38. *Baby Animals (eBook)
    39. Baby Brains (video)
    40. *Baby Talk (eBook)
    41. Bad Case of Stripes, A by David Shannon (Video)
    42. Bad Pudding (eBook)
    43. *Bald Eagles (eBook)
    44. Baseball ABC (eBook)
    45. Baseball Fever (ePoem)
    46. Beach, The (eBook)
    47. Bear and Max (eBook)
    48. Bear Ate Your Sandwich, The (video)
    49. Bear Snores On (video)
    50. *Beautiful Birds (eBook)
    51. *Bedtime (eBook)
    52. Being Inspired by Teachers (eBook)
    53. Belinda’s Halloween (video)
    54. Benny and the Missing Buzzer (eBook)
    55. *Bicycle Parts (eBook)
    56. *Bicycle Rules Keep Us Safe (eBook)
    57. *Big and Little (eBook)
    58. Big Bugs (eBook)
    59. *Big Sister (eBook)
    60. Billy the Goat’s Big Breakfast read by Jez Alborough (video)
    61. Bing: Get Dressed (video)
    62. *Birds I’ll See, The (eBook)
    63. *Birthday Party (eBook)
    64. *Black and White (eBook)
    65. *Blanket of Snow, A (eBook)
    66. Blue Ribbon Dad read by LeVar Burton (video)
    67. Book with No Pictures, The (video)
    68. *Bowling Alley, The (eBook)
    69. Boy Who Cried Wolf, The (video)
    70. Brave Irene read by Al Gore (video)
    71. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? (video)
    72. *Bruja de la Habana vieja, La (eBook)
    73. *Busiest Bugs I Know, The (eBook)
    74. *Caballito de palo, El (eBook)
    75. *Camping at Lost Lake (eBook)
    76. *Can You Make a Flag? (eBook)
    77. *Can You See the Wind? (eBook)
    78. *Capitán, El (eBook)
    79. *Carol Comes and Goes (eBook)
    80. Cartwheels and Butterflies (eBook)
    81. Cat in the Hat, The read by Justin Bieber (video)
    82. Catching the Moon: the Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream (video)
    83. Cecily Pasrsley’s Nursery Rhymes (eBook)
    84. *Championship Game (eBook)
    85. Charlie the Ranch Dog (video)
    86. Cheche the Rhinoceros (eBook)
    87. *Chef’s Surprise (eBook)
    88. Chester’s Way read by Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc (video)
    89. Chicken Little (video)
    90. Chocolate Drops (ePoem)
    91. Christmas Carol, A (video)
    92. Christmas Elf (video)
    93. Christmas Journey, A (eBook)
    94. Christmas Shelter (eBook)
    95. Christmas Tree Ship, The (eBook)
    96. Cinderella (eBook)
    97. Cinderella (video)
    98. *City of Surprises (eBook)
    99. *City Park, The (eBook)
    100. Clifford the Big Read Dog Stories:
      1. *Aqui, Clifford! (eBook)
      2. Believe in Yourself (eBook)
      3. Big Red Mess, The (eBook)
      4. Big Sleepover, The (eBook)
      5. Birthday Wish, A  (eBook)
      6. Cleo’s Fair Share (eBook)
      7. *Clifford Cava un Hoyo (eBook)
      8. Clifford’s Big Dig
      9. *¿Dónde está Emily? (eBook)
      10. Emily Elizabeth Goes to School
      11. *Emily Elizabeth Va a la Escuela (eBook)
      12. Follow the Leader (eBook)
      13. Here, Clifford!
      14. Leaf of Absence (eBook)
      15. Magic Ball, The (eBook)
      16. Welcome to Birdwell Island (eBook)
      17. Where is Emily?
      18. Wild Ice Cream Machine, The (eBook)
    101. Cloaked in Starlight (eBook)
    102. *Cloud Questions (eBook)
    103. Coconut (ePoem)
    104. *Community Matters (eBook)
    105. *Conservation in Botswana (eBook)
    106. *Costume Parade (eBook)
    107. *Count Your Veggies (eBook)
    108. *Counting Sheep (eBook)
    109. Crickets (Crash!) and a Birthday Bash (eBook)
    110. *Dandelion Days (eBook)
    111. Daniel Keep Dreaming (eBook)
    112. Daniel’s Ride (eBook)
    113. *December (eBook)
    114. December Song (ePoem)
    115. *Denver Zoo Helps Animals Around the World (eBook)
    116. Desert, The (eBook)
    117. *Día Nevado, El (video)
    118. Dinosaurs I Have Known (eBook)
    119. Dipped in Chocolate (eBook)
    120. Do Unto Otters (video)
    121. *Do You Hear the Water? (eBook)
    122. *Do You Like Bugs? (eBook)
    123. *Do You See Hearts? (eBook)
    124. Doctor Maisy (eBook)
    125. *Dogs at Work (eBook)
    126. *Doing Chores (eBook)
    127. Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops (video)
    128. Doughnut Dilemma (ePoem)
    129. Dr. Seuss on the Loose (video)
    130. Dreams and Musical Feet (eBook)
    131. Dressed for Easter (eBook)
    132. Duck for President (video)
    133. Duck! Rabbit! (video)
    134. Dylan the Villain (video)
    135. Easter Egg, The (video)
    136. Emperor’s New Clothes, The (video)
    137. Enemy Pie read by Camryn Manheim (video)
    138. *Everyone Reads (eBook)
    139. Exploding Stars Turn Red (eBook)
    140. Eye Out for Owls, An (eBook)
    141. *Eyes Like These (eBook)
    142. *Falling Stars (eBook)
    143. Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly (video)
    144. *Farm Tractors at Work (eBook)
    145. Farmer Duck (video)
    146. *Fatima’s Saving Jar (eBook)
    147. *Find a Fossil (eBook)
    148. Firefighter (eBook)
    149. First Lady of Wildflowers Ladybird Johnson (eBook)
    150. *First Steps (eBook)
    151. Five Little Monkeys (video)
    152. *Fly High, Hot Air Balloons (eBook)
    153. Flying Solo (eBook)
    154. Fog Lifts, The (eBook)
    155. *Follow Your Feet (eBook)
    156. *Forest, The (eBook)
    157. *Fourth of July (eBook)
    158. Frankenstein (video)
    159. *Fresh from the Farm (eBook)
    160. From Pit to Pond (eBook)
    161. *Fruits (eBook)
    162. *Garden Giants (eBook)
    163. *Get Wet! (eBook)
    164. Gingerbread Baby, The read by Jan Brett (video)
    165. Gingerbread Boy, The (video)
    166. Gingerbread Man, The (video)
    167. *Girl Who Learned to Fly, The (eBook)
    168. Giving Thanks (ePoem)
    169. *Globo de Maria, El (eBook)
    170. *Go Fish! (eBook)
    171. Gobble Gobble Moooo Tractor Book, The (video)
    172. *Going to the Flea Market (eBook)
    173. *¡Gol de Federico! (eBook)
    174. Goldilocks and the Three Bears (video)
    175. Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ House (video)
    176. Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas read by LeVar Burton (video)
    177. *Golf Buddies (eBook)
    178. *Gonzalo el Cocodrilo  (eBook)
    179. Good Advice (ePoem)
    180. *Goodbye Days (eBook)
    181. Goodnight, Harry (video)
    182. Goose – with ASL (video)
    183. Goosey-Gog and Duckitty Duck (ePoem)
    184. *Grandma Always Listens (eBook)
    185. *Grandpa’s Secret Potion (eBook)
    186. *Great Green Giants (eBook)
    187. Green Eggs and Ham (video)
    188. Green Eggs and Ham read by Tim Tebow (video)
    189. *Green is… (eBook)
    190. Groundhog Day (ePoem)
    191. Guard, the Monkey and the King’s Crown, The (eBook)
    192. Guji Guji read by Robert Guillaume (video)
    193. *Hair Days (eBook)
    194. *Hands (eBook)
    195. Hanukkah in Alaska read by Molly Ephraim (video)
    196. Hare and the Tortoise, The (eBook)
    197. Harlem (eBook)
    198. Harry the Dirty Dog (video)
    199. Haunted House Party, The (eBook)
    200. Heckedy Peg with ASL (video)
    201. Hello, Baby Panda! Level A (eBook)
    202. Hello, Baby Panda! Level B (eBook)
    203. *Helping My Mom (eBook)
    204. Ho, Ho, Ho Tucker! (video)
    205. *Hold On (eBook)
    206. Hole in the Bottom of the Sea, A  (Video)
    207. Hooray for Fish! (video)
    208. *Hop, Hop, Hop Scotch (eBook)
    209. Hormiga y el Saltamontes, La (video)
    210. *Hot Summer Day, A (eBook)
    211. *House for Me, A (eBook)
    212. House That Jack Built, The (eBook)
    213. *How Do I Feel Today? (eBook)
    214. *How Do You Move? (eBook)
    215. *How Do You Play Safely? (eBook)
    216. *How Do You Stay Healthy? (eBook)
    217.  How Doth the Little Crocodile (ePoem)
    218. *How Many Friends Can You Count? (eBook)
    219. *How Many Wheels? (eBook)
    220. How the Grinch Stole Christmas read by Keith  Morrison (video)
    221. Hueys in the New Jumper, The (video)
    222. Hugo the Hare’s Rainy Day read by Jez Alborough (video)
    223. Humphrey’s Tiny Tales: My Treasure Hunt Trouble (video)
    224. Hunterman and the Crocodile, The (eBook)
    225. Hush, Little Dragon (video)
    226. *I Am a Scientist (eBook)
    227. I Am the Book ready be LeVar Burton (video)
    228. *I Can Help? (eBook)
    229. *I Hear (eBook)
    230. *I Like Cars! (eBook)
    231. *I Like Work Trucks (eBook)
    232. I Need My Monster read by Rita Moreno (video)
    233. *I Read Everywhere! (eBook)
    234. *I See a Circle (eBook)
    235. *I See Colors (eBook)
    236. I Spy a Book of Picture Riddles (eBook)
    237. *I Spy on the Road (eBook)
    238. Icicle Symphony, The (eBook)
    239. *If I Could Fly (eBook)
    240. *If I Had a Puppy (eBook)
    241. I’m a Ballerina (video)
    242. Insect Soup (eBook)
    243. *Is It Cold Outside? (eBook)
    244. Is Your Mama a Llama with ASL (video)
    245. Ish (video)
    246. *Island, The (eBook)
    247. It Takes a Village (eBook)
    248. It’s Easter Little Critter (video)
    249. *It’s Fall! (eBook)
    250. *It’s Spring! (eBook)
    251. *It’s Winter! (eBook)
    252. *Itsy Bitsy Spider, The (eBook)
    253. Jack and the Beanstalk (video)
    254. Jingle All the Way (eBook)
    255. Just a Secret, For My Mom (video)
    256. Just a Snowman (video)
    257. *Just Like Me (eBook)
    258. Just Me and My Dad Part 1 (video)
    259. Just Me and My Dad Part 2 (video)
    260. Just the Right Gift (eBook)
    261. King’s Son and the Painted Lion, The (video)
    262. Kiss That Missed, The (video)
    263. Kissing Gourami (ePoem)
    264. Kissing Hand, The (video)
    265. Knots on a Counting Rope (video)
    266. Knuffle Bunny: a Cautionary Tale with ASL (video)
    267. Ladybug Girl at the Beach (video)
    268. Leaky Robot, The (eAudio)
    269. *Left, Right, Left Our Safe Walk (eBook)
    270. *Let’s Bake Granola! (eBook)
    271. *Let’s Brush Our Teeth (eBook)
    272. *Let’s Get a Checkup (eBook)
    273. *Let’s Go Camping (eBook)
    274. *Let’s Have a Picnic! (eBook)
    275. *Let’s Have a Snack! (eBook)
    276. *Let’s Play Birthday! (eBook)
    277. *Let’s Ride (eBook)
    278. Librarian (eBook)
    279. Library Lion read by Mindy Sterling (video)
    280. Little Red Hen, The with ASL (video)
    281. Little Red Hen, The (video)
    282. Little Red Riding Hood (eBook)
    283. Little Red Riding Hood (video)
    284. Llama Llama Mad at Mama (video)
    285. Llam Llama Misses Mama (video)
    286. *Look and Find the Shapes (eBook)
    287. *Look Up! (eBook)
    288. *Loud and Quiet (eBook)
    289. Love You Forever with ASL (video)
    290. Maggie Eats Only O’s (eBook)
    291. Magic Handmill, The a Norwegian Folktale (eBook)
    292. Maisy Makes Gingerbread (eBook)
    293. Maisy Makes Lemonade (eBook)
    294. Maisy’s Morning on the Farm (eBook)
    295. *Make Believe Box (eBook)
    296. *Make Your Bed! (eBook)
    297. Making Art from Shoes (eBook)
    298. *Margarita, A (eBook)
    299. Matchstick Wonders (eBook)
    300. Max and the Won’t Go to Bed Show (video)
    301. Mayor (eBook)
    302. Me and My Cat read by Elijah Wood (video)
    303. *Me gusta jugar con los libros (eBook)
    304. *Me gusta leer (eBook)
    305. *Me gustan las librerías (eBook)
    306. *Me gustan los cuentos antes de dormir (eBook)
    307. *Me gustan los libros de cuentos (eBook)
    308. Meet the Marine Iguana (eBook)
    309. Merry Christmas Splat with ASL (video)
    310. *Mi Boca (eBook)
    311. *Mi Nariz (eBook)
    312. *Mis Manos (eBook)
    313. *Mis Oídos (eBook)
    314. *Mis Ojos (eBook)
    315. Mitten a Ukranian Folktale, The (video)
    316. Moms (ePoem)
    317. Moonlight (ePoem)
    318. Moonscapes (ePoem)
    319. *Mountains, The (eBook)
    320. *Move! (eBook)
    321. *Moving at the Zoo (eBook)
    322. Mr. Perry’s Pockets (eBook)
    323. Music in Derrick’s Heart, The (video)
    324. *Musical Families (eBook)
    325. *My Busy Day (eBook)
    326. *My Family (eBook)
    327. *My Helmet (eBook)
    328. *My Money Book (eBook)
    329. *My Navajo Taco (eBook)
    330. My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother read by Melissa Gilbert (video)
    331. My Super-Duper Sandwich Recipe (eBook)
    332. My Terrific Dinosaur (video)
    333. My Zoo ABC (eBook)
    334. Mystery of the Missing Lunchbag, The (eBook)
    335. Mystery of the Wet Lizards, The (eBook)
    336. Napping House, The with ASL (video)
    337. Nat the Cat’s Sunny Smile read by Jez Alborough (video)
    338. *Nature’s Colors (eBook)
    339. New Girl (ePoem)
    340. New Home a New Friend, A (eBook)
    341. Night Before Christmas, The (Tomie de Paola) read by LeVar Burton (video)
    342. Night Before Christmas, The (Jan Brett) (video)
    343. Night Before Christmas, The (eBook)
    344. Night I Followed the Dog, The read by Amanda Bynes (video)
    345. Night of the Spotted Salamanders (eBook)
    346. *Night Sky, The (eBook)
    347. Night the Lights Went Out, The (eBook)
    348. Nina Nandu’s Nervous Noggin read by LeVar Burton (video)
    349. *Niña y su hermanito, La (eBook)
    350. No Mirrors in My Nana’s House read by Tia & Tamera Mowry (video)
    351. No Petting the Orangutans Please (eBook)
    352. Noah’s Ark (video)
    353. North Wind and the Sun, The (video)
    354. *Ocean Besties (eBook)
    355. Old October (ePoem)
    356. Olivia (video)
    357. One Froggy Night (eBook)
    358. *Opposites (eBook)
    359. Our Farm Friends ABC (eBook)
    360. *Our Trip to Denver’s Zoo (eBook)
    361. Over in the Mansion (eBook)
    362. Overstuffed (ePoem)
    363. Owl Babies (video)
    364. Owl Championships, The (eBook)
    365. Paperweight Magic (eBook)
    366. *¿Para qué quiere el ratón mi diente? (eBook)
    367. Pastimes ABC Book (eBook)
    368. *Peanut Butter and Jelly Song (eBook)
    369. Peculiar Zoo (eBook)
    370. Pediatrician (eBook)
    371. Penguin (video)
    372. *People at Work (eBook)
    373. Perfect Cure, The (ePoem)
    374. Persistence (eBook)
    375. Pet for Miss Wright, A read by LeVar Burton (video)
    376. Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses (video)
    377. Pete the Cat and the New Guy (video)
    378. Peter Rabbit with ASL (video)
    379. Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr., A read by leVar Burton (video)
    380. Pizza Maker (eBook)
    381. Planting a Rainbow (video)
    382. *Play Ball! (eBook)
    383. *Play Clay (eBook)
    384. *Play Dough Fun (eBook)
    385. Players in Pigtails (video)
    386. *Playground Games (eBook)
    387. *Playground, The (eBook)
    388. *Poemas de una niña (eBook)
    389. *Polar Bears Rock! (eBook)
    390. Polar Express, The read by Chris Van Allsburg (video)
    391. Police Officer (eBook)
    392. *Present for My Auntie, A (eBook)
    393. *Prickly Pear Party (eBook)
    394. Princess and the Pea, The (video)
    395. Princess and the Pea, The (Golden Book) (video)
    396. Private I Guana read by Esai Morales (video)
    397. Private I’s and the Case of the Big Stink, The (eBook)
    398. Professor Wormbog in Search of the Zipperumpazoo (video)
    399. *Puddle Fun (eBook)
    400. *Pump, Jump, Thump! (eBook)
    401. Purple Water (eBook)
    402. Put Me In, Coach (video)
    403. Quack Honk Learn all about Ducks & Geese (video)
    404. Queen for an Hour (eBook)
    405. Quiltmaker’s Gift, The (eBook)
    406. Rainbow Fish, The read by Ernest Borgnine (video)
    407. *Reptiles (eBook)
    408. Recue, The (ePoem)
    409. *Riding Ripley (eBook)
    410. Robot and the Princess (video)
    411. Robot on the Ice (eBook)
    412. Robot’s First Day of School (video)
    413. *Roly Poly (eBook)
    414. Romeow  & Droolet read by Haylie Duff (video)
    415. Round of Thanks, A (ePoem)
    416. *Saddle Up! (eBook)
    417. *Sapos (eBook)
    418. Saving a Butterfly (eBook)
    419. *Say Something Nice (eBook)
    420. Scampy Dances (ePoem)
    421. Schnitzel is Lost (eBook)
    422. Schnitzel’s First Christmas (eBook)
    423. *School Helpers (eBook)
    424. *School Is Out for Summer! (eBook)
    425. *School Tools (eBook)
    426. Sebastian’s Roller Skates read by Caitlin Wachs (video)
    427. *Secret Pet, A (eBook)
    428. Seya’s Song (eBook)
    429. Shadows (ePoem)
    430. *Shapes at the Playground (eBook)
    431. Show-and-Snail (eBook)
    432. *Show Me a Shadow (eBook)
    433. Sick Day (ePoem)
    434. Silly Suzy Goose (video)
    435. Six Little Chicks read by Jez Alborough (video)
    436. Skeleton Trees (ePoem)
    437. Sled Dog Dreams (ePoem)
    438. Sleet (ePoem)
    439. Small and Mighty Mammals (eBook)
    440. Smash! Crash! (video)
    441. Smelly Mystery with Little Monster (video)
    442. Snake Who Was Afraid of People, The (eBook)
    443. Snakes and the Boy Who Was Afraid of Them (eBook)
    444. Snappsy the Alligator (video)
    445. Snowy Day, The with ASL (video)
    446. Socked Away (ePoem)
    447. SOHO Explores the Sun (eBook)
    448. Some Dogs Do read by Jez Alborough (video)
    449. Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch read by Hector Elizondo (video)
    450. *Something New to Do (eBook)
    451. Sophie’s Masterpiece read by CCH Pounder (video)
    452. Spiderling’s First Web (ePoem)
    453. Splish, Splash, Splat! (video)
    454. *Spot the Shapes (eBook)
    455. *Spring Comes to the Desert (eBook)
    456. *Spring Senses (eBook)
    457. *Squish! (eBook)
    458. Stellaluna read by Pamela Reed (video)
    459. *Stir, Sift, Slice (eBook)
    460. Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, The (eBook)
    461. Story of Hanukkah, The (video)
    462. Story of Miss Moppet, The (eBook)
    463. Strega Nona (video)
    464. T is for Terrible (video)
    465. Tailor of Gloucester, The (eBook)
    466. Tairon el horrible (eBook)
    467. Tairon el super tramposo (eBook)
    468. Tale of Ginger and Pickle, The  (eBook)
    469. Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, The (eBook)
    470. Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse, The (eBook)
    471. Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, The (eBook)
    472. Tale of Mr. Tod, The (eBook)
    473. Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, The (eBook)
    474. Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, The (eBook)
    475. Tale of Peter Rabbit, The (eAudio)
    476. Tale of Peter Rabbit, The (eBook)
    477. Tale of Samuel Whiskers, The (eBook)
    478. Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, The (eBook)
    479. Tale of the Pie and the Patty Pan, The (eBook)
    480. Tale of Timmy Tiptoes, The (eBook)
    481. Tale of Two Bad Mice, The (eBook)
    482. Tales from Winnie-the-Pooh (video)
    483. *Talk Like a Sailor (eBook)
    484. *Teach Your Computer (eBook)
    485. Ten Pins (ePoem)
    486. Thank You, Mr. Falker (video)
    487. There’s an Alligator Under My Bed (video)
    488. *Think about Pink (eBook)
    489. *This is My Town (eBook)
    490. This is Our House (video)
    491. Thomas & Friends Thomas to the Rescue (video)
    492. Thoughtful Friends (ePoem)
    493. Three Ghostesses (ePoem)
    494. Three Jovial Huntsman, The (eBook)
    495. Three Little Kittens, The (eBook)
    496. Three Little Pigs, The (video)
    497. Time to Build a New Library (eBook)
    498. *Times of the Day (eBook)
    499. To Be a Drum read by James Earl Jones (video)
    500. To My Valentine (ePoem)
    501. Too Many Turtles (eBook)
    502. *Too Much Mud! (eBook)
    503. *Tools (eBook)
    504. Tooth, The (video)
    505. Tortoise and the Hare, The (video)
    506. Tortoise and the Hare, The read by LeVar Burton (video)
    507. Totally Bored Boris! (eBook)
    508. *Trains, Planes and Boats (eBook)
    509. *Trees (eBook)
    510. Trouble with Ben, The (eBook)
    511. *¿Tú Mama es una Llama? (video)
    512. Twister! (eBook)
    513. Tyrone and the Swamp Gang (eBook)
    514. Tyrone the Double Dirty Rotten Cheater (eBook)
    515. Under My Bed (ePoem)
    516. Under the Ice (ePoem)
    517. Underneath the Juniper Tree (eBook)
    518. Utility Worker (eBook)
    519. Valentine Swap, The (eBook)
    520. Very Hungry Caterpillar, The read by Eric Carle (video)
    521. Veterninarian (eBook)
    522. *Violet Counts Cookies (eBook)
    523. *Violet Counts to 100 (eBook)
    524. *Violet Divides (eBook)
    525. *Violet Makes a Pattern (eBook)
    526. *Violet Measures (eBook)
    527. *Violet Sorts (eBook)
    528. *Vuelo del pajarito de dulce, El (eBook)
    529. Waldo 1, 2, 3 (eBook)
    530. Waldo at the Zoo (eBook)
    531. Waldo and the Desert Island (eBook)
    532. Waldo’s Christmas Surprise (eBook)
    533. *Wash Your Hands (eBook)
    534. *Watch Out! a Book about Signs (eBook)
    535. Watching Wild Baboons (eBook)
    536. *Way to Go! (eBook)
    537. *We Can Do Anything! (eBook)
    538. *We Live in Colorado (eBook)
    539. *We Love the Library! (eBook)
    540. *Weather (eBook)
    541. *What Am I? (eBook)
    542. *What Colors Do You Eat? (eBook)
    543. What Does the President Do? Level A (eBook)
    544. What Does the President Do? Level B (eBook)
    545. What Gold Brings (eBook)
    546. *What Good is a Line? (eBook)
    547. *What is Blue? (eBook)
    548. *What is Orange? (eBook)
    549. *What Should We Wear? (eBook)
    550. When Pigasso Met Mootisse (video)
    551. When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry (eBook)
    552. Where Are You Blue Kangaroo? (video)
    553. *Where Do They Grow? (eBook)
    554. *Where Do You See Letters? (eBook)
    555. *Where Do You See Numbers? (eBook)
    556. *Where Do You Sleep? (eBook)
    557. *Where is the Cat? (eBook)
    558. Where’s My Teddy? (video)
    559. *Which Pet Would You Get? (eBook)
    560. White Socks Only ready by Amber Rose Tamblyn (video)
    561. *Who is Denver Zoo? (eBook)
    562. *Who is in the Ocean? (eBook)
    563. *Who Lives at Denver Zoo? (eBook)
    564. *Who Loves Carrots? (eBook)
    565. *Who Loves Flowers? (eBook)
    566. *Who Walked Here? (eBook)
    567. Why Bears Sleep All Winter: a Tale from Lapland (eBook)
    568. *Wild Cats (eBook)
    569. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Patridge (video)
    570. *Winter, Winter, Spring (eBook)
    571. With Any Luck I’ll Drive a Truck (video)
    572. Won’t You Be My Valentine? (video)
    573. *Working on the Wild Side the Denver Zoo (eBook)
    574. *Would You Step Out into Space? (eBook)
    575. Year of Confusion, The (eBook)
    576. Year the Pilgrims Stepped on Governor Bradford, The (eBook)
    577. Yo en Movimiento (eBook)
    578. You’re All My Favorites (video)

Garfield Balloon in the Indy 500 Parade

Garfield 500 Parade Balloon

Event Details – 500 Festival Parade
Sat, May 28, 2016, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Location: Downtown Indianapolis
Route; Parking & Street Closings

That cranky lasagna loving cat Garfield is coming to town! Garfield will appear in the 2016 Indy 500 Festival Parade with library staff making sure he doesn’t take any wrong turns or float away!

Made possible by The Indianapolis Public Library Staff Association and Friends of the Library through gifts to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation.

Memorial Day Closing
All Indianapolis Public Library locations will be closed May 28 – 30 for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, except the InfoZone which will be open each day from 10am – 5pm.


Click on a story or book app to read a FREE Garfield eBook online right now! NOTE: The Garfield eBooks can be viewed on a desktop computer or on a mobile device that supports Adobe Flash Player. If you want to view them on an iPad, you need to view them on a Flash enabled browser. You can find them in the App Store. I use Photon Flash ($4.99). I tried some of the free ones but could not find one that worked very well. If you find one that does – leave a comment below!

Garfield in the Park Garfield on the Farm Garfield and the Tiger Im Not Afraid Garfield at the Gym
Garfields Week Whats It Like Wheres Everybody Going Jon's Bad Day
Garfield Storybook Reader Fat Cat Books Level 1 250 Toon Book Reader
Garfield Daily iTunes icon Read the Free App Garfield Daily – Feed your Garfield need with a daily dose of the classic comic! The Garfield Daily Comic iPhone app allows you to view every Garfield daily comic strip ever produced – that’s over 11,600 strips! Google PlayiTunes
Garfield Kaboom iTunes icon Read the Free App Garfield KaBOOM! Comics – Everyone’s favorite lasagna-scarfing cat opens the fridge to an all-new ongoing comic book series! Join Garfield as he begins his monthly exploits with Jon, Odie, and the rest of the gang in the latest all-ages must-read from KaBOOM! Google PlayiTunes

New Garfield Books to Check Out:

Websites, Apps & Printables:

Click on an image to open a printable writing activity:CDs & DVDs:Stream or Download Garfield CDs & DVDs free using your IndyPL Library Card number and PIN. Directions; What’s My Pin?

Garfield Hams It Up Garfield Bigger and Better Garfield the Big Cheese Garfield Tons of Fun Garfield Cleans His Plate
Garfield Maze Draw Garfield 2 Garfield Word Search
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