Storybook Character & Easy Costumes

Finding the right costume is the treasure hunt of Halloween isn’t it? The best kind, of course, are the homemade kind! These Pinterest boards, books and web links will help you find some great ideas for easy, cheap costumes…some of them even for your child’s favorite book character! Come up with a good one? Send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter!




Favorite Teacher Stories


World Teachers Day
October 5, 2016, World Teacher’s Day & May 3, 2016 National Teacher Appreciation Day are both great times to remember favorite teachers, both real and imagined. Talk to your child today about his or her teacher. Maybe this is the year for a thank-a-teacherfavorite who will be remembered for a long time. Here are some of our favorite storybook teachers. We love them all for so many reasons. They all care, plus they’re clever and funny!

Meet the TeacherTeachersTeachersTeachers HelpTeachers Help Us

The Art Lesson Mrs. Brown in The Art Lesson – Tommy knows he wants to be an artist when he grows up. He can’t wait to get to school and have real art lessons. When Tommy gets to school and finds out that the art lessons are full of “rules”, he is surprised and dismayed. How the wise art teacher finds a way to give Tommy the freedom to create and stay within the “rules” makes a wonderfully perceptive picture book about growing up and keeping one’s individuality.
Arthurs Teacher Trouble Mr. Ratburn in Arthur’s Teacher Trouble – On the first day of school Arthur discovers he’s got the toughest teacher in the third grade! The pressure is on to study hard for the all-school Spellathon. Can Arthur beat last year’s champion speller? Or will he let Mr. Ratburn d-o-w-n.
Chrysanthemum Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle in Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum thinks her name is absolutely perfect–until her first day of school. “You’re named after a flower!” teases Victoria. “Let’s smell her,” says Jo. Chrysanthemum wilts. What will it take to make her blossom again?
The Dot The Art Teacher in The Dot – Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher’s encouragement leads her to change her mind.
The Handkerchief Quilt Miss Anderson in The Handkerchief Quilt – When a disastrous flood damages Parkland School, forcing it to close for lengthy repairs, Miss Anderson, an elementary teacher, devises a way to raise money to help buy replacement books.
Lillys Purple Plastic Purse Mr. Slinger in Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse – Lilly loves everything about school, especially her teacher, but when he asks her to wait a while before showing her new purse, she does something for which she is very sorry later.
The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip Miss Frizzle in The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip – Ms. Frizzle takes her class on a field trip through the town’s electrical wires so they can learn how electricity is generated and how it is used.
Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten Miss Bindergarten in Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten – Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten. More Miss Bindergarten Books
Miss Foxs Class Shapes Up Miss Fox in Miss Miss Fox’s Class Shapes Up – When Miss Fox realizes that her students do not have healthy habits, she teaches them that healthful living is fun and rewarding, which they find to be true on Field Day. More Miss Fox Books
Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind Miss Malarkey in Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind – Miss Malarkey vows to find each of her students a book to love by the end of the school year, but one video-game loving boy proves to be a challenge. More Miss Malarkey Books
Miss Mingo and the First Day of School Miss Mingo in Miss Mingo and the First Day of School – Miss Mingo helps all of the animal students in her class overcome their shyness on the first day of school by encouraging them to share something special about themselves. Includes facts about animals. Young Hoosier Book Award, 2011-2012, K-3 Nominee. More Miss Mingo Books
Miss Nelson is Missing Miss Nelson in Miss Nelson is Missing – The kids in Room 207 take advantage of their teacher’s good nature until she disappears and they are faced with a vile substitute. More Miss Nelson Books
My Kindergarten Miss Cribbage in My Kindergarten – Through a month-by-month review of a year in kindergarten, Emily shares the stories of the many happy experiences she has at her school with her new classmates, including first day introductions, a review of the changing seasons, learning how to read a map, and taking a special field trip to the local library.
My Teacher The Teacher in My Teacher – A student wonders why her teacher has chosen to teach in her school for so long, and highlights all the special things her teacher does for her class.
My Teacher is a Monster Mr. Kirby in My Teacher Is a Monster – Bobby thinks his teacher, Ms. Kirby, is horrible, but when he sees her outside of school and they spend a day in the park together, he discovers she might not be so bad after all.
Olivia and the Best Teacher Ever Mrs. Hoggenmuller in Olivia and the Best Teacher Ever – Mrs. Hoggenmuller is being considered for teacher of the year, and Olivia goes all out to see that the class performs its best. Will her favorite teacher get the award?
You Are My Wonders The Teacher in You Are My Wonders – Illustrations and rhyming text combine in a celebration of the relationship between teacher and student.
Substitute Creature Mr. Creacher in Substitute Creature – Mr. Creacher, a multi-tentacled substitute teacher, warns his prankish students not to misbehave, recounting rhyming cautionary tales of the weird, spooky, and unexpected.
Teach Us Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia in Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia – The very literal-minded Amelia Bedelia is up to her ears in trouble when she becomes a substitute teacher for a day, and her confused antics include handing out lightbulbs to the children when she is told to “plant bulbs.”
The Teacher From the Black Lagoon Mrs. Green in The Teacher From the Black Lagoon – On the first day of school, a young boy expects only the worst when he discovers that his new teacher is the “monstrous” Mrs. Green. More Black Lagoon Books
Thank You Mr Falker Mr. Falker in Thank you, Mr. Falker – At first, Trisha loves school, but her difficulty learning to read makes her feel dumb, until, in the fifth grade, a new teacher helps her understand and overcome her problem.

A Scare-Free Halloween


“It can be fun to be scared, as many of us will recall from Halloweens past. But if we think back, we’ll probably agree that there were two things that made it possible for that scariness to be fun. First, that we knew we were safe because someone we loved was nearby. Second, we knew that whatever was scaring us was only pretend.” ~Fred Rogers

Smart words from Mr. Rogers! Many small children don’t find Halloween fun at all!…the masks, the jumping out surprises and all the ghosts & vampires & scary looking pumpkins. Below are several stories that can help kids turn their Halloween fears into Halloween fun. If Arthur & Scaredy Squirrel can do it, so can your child!

CursedCastleVertical4C_ONBAlso consider a trip to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Haunted Housebut go during lights ON hours. The volunteers go out of their way to be extra friendly as your child walks through.




Scare-Free Stories:

HalSquaredySquirrelScaredy Squirrels Prepares for Halloween – Scaredy Squirrel puts together a collection of helpful safety tips and step-by-step instructions to guide you through common Halloween obstacles such as carnivorous plants, haunted houses and encountering the infamous Frankenstein.

HalDragonScaredMe and My Dragon Scared of Halloween – A boy tries to find the perfect Halloween costume for his pet dragon, so they can go trick-or-treating together.

HalBooBunnyBoo Bunny – Two small bunnies face their fears while trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

HalGoAwayGo Away Big Green Monster – A scary green monster begins to disappear, piece by piece and page by page, in a die-cut picture book that lets youngsters take control of the monsters in their lives.

HalOldLadyThe Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything – A brave little old lady who was not afraid of anything receives the scare of her life and comes up with an ingenious solution to conquer her fears.

HalArthurArthur’s Halloween – Arthur finds everything about Halloween scary, including his little sister’s costume, his morning snack, and the big house on the corner.

HalNeverBooNever Say Boo – When Gordon, a ghost, moves to a new school, everyone is afraid of him until they learn that he is not as scary as they thought he was.

HalGeorgieGeorgie – Georgie the friendly ghost is happy living with the Whittakers, but then things change and he decides to find a new place to haunt.

HalWinifredOne Wish for Winifred Witch – In this rhyming story, little Winifred Witch is excited about enjoying Halloween night with the big witches, but she has one small problem–she is afraid of the dark. Her secret wish is never to be scared of the dark again. She asks her Aunt Broomhilda, who owns a shop of spells, to help. When magic fails, Broomhilda shows her another solution to her fears.

HalVunceVunce Upon a Time – A fearful, young vampire, who prefers candy to blood, bravely ventures into the human world on Halloween night to satisfy his sweet too.

HalHumbugWitchHumbug Witch – A little girl tries unsuccessfully to do all the tricks of a witch.

Hoopla TV & Movies Based on Children’s Books


arthur-postcards-from-buster arthur


Arthur Season 2
Arthur Season 6
Arthur Season 7
Arthur Season 8
Arthur Season 9
Arthur Season 10





Cat in the Hat:

cat-in-the-hat-season-1 cat-in-the-hat-season-2

Dear Dumb Diary:



eloise-season-1-me-eloise eloise-season-2-in-hollywood eloise-season-3-goes-to-school eloise-season-4-in-springtime



Emily of New Moon:

emily-of-new-moon-season-1 emily-of-new-moon-season-2 emily-of-new-moon-season-3 emily-of-new-moon-season-4


franklinfranklin-and-friends franklin-and-the-green-knightfranklin-and-the-turtle-lake-treasureback-to-school-with-franklinfranklins-magic-christmas










Franklin Season 1
Franklin Season 2 
Franklin Season 3 
Franklin Season 4 
Franklin Season 5 

Franklin & Friends season 1
Franklin & Friends Season 2
Franklin & Friends Season 3 
Franklin & Friends Season 4

George and Martha:

george-and-marthaGeorge and Martha Season 1 
George and Martha Season 2 

Geronimo Stilton:


Guess How Much I Love You:



madeline-season-1madeline-season-2 madeline-the-original-specialsmadeline-lost-in-paris madeline-my-fair-madelinemadeline-sing-along-around-the-world madeline-sing-along-with-her-friends










Madeline Season 1
Madeline Season 2
Madeline Original Specials


Max & Ruby:

max-and-rubyMax and Ruby Season 1
Max and Ruby Season 2
Max and Ruby Season 3
Max and Ruby Season 4
Max and Ruby Season 5 



The Mouse and the Motorcycle:


Paddington Bear:


Reading Rainbow:

reading-rainbow-a-chair-for-my-mother reading-rainbow-abiyoyo reading-rainbow-barn-dance reading-rainbow-berlioz-the-bear reading-rainbow-borreguita-and-the-coyote reading-rainbow-chickens-arent-the-only-ones reading-rainbow-digging-up-dinosaurs reading-rainbow-enemy-pie reading-rainbow-follow-the-drinking-gourd reading-rainbow-germs-make-me-sick reading-rainbow-gregory-the-terrible-eater reading-rainbow-hip-cat reading-rainbow-honey-bee reading-rainbow-how-much-is-a-million reading-rainbow-how-to-make-an-apple-pie reading-rainbow-if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie reading-rainbow-mama-dont-allow reading-rainbow-mufaros-beautiful-daughters reading-rainbow-mummies-made-in-egypt reading-rainbow-opt reading-rainbow-rechenkas-eggs reading-rainbow-stellaluna reading-rainbow-the-legend-of-the-indiana-paintbrush reading-rainbow-the-paper-crane reading-rainbow-zin-zin-zin-a-violin




redwall-season-1Redwall Season 1
Redwall Season 2
Redwall Season 3

Richard Scarry:

the-busy-world-of-richard-scarry-season-1 the-busy-world-of-richard-scarry-season-2 the-busy-world-of-richard-scarry-season-3 the-busy-world-of-richard-scarry-season-4 the-busy-world-of-richard-scarry-season-5


Staff Pick: Let’s Meet a Police Officer

Let's Meet a Police OfficerOfficer Gabby visits a class and discusses her job as a police officer.

“This is a great book to learn more about all the different things a police officer does. Officer Gabby visits a school and tells the children about her job of being a police officer. She talks about making children safe at school, and warns them about strangers. She tells them about her training to do her job and about other jobs like State Police and the FBI. The illustrator uses diverse characters in brightly colored cartoons.
This is a fast easy read that will be loved by young readers.”

This is a Cloverleaf book, Community Helpers. Other books you may be interested in:
Let’s Meet a Construction Worker
Let’s Meet a Dentist
Let’s Meet a Doctor
Let’s Meet a Firefighter
Let’s Meet a Librarian
Let’s Meet a Teacher
Let’s Meet a Veterinarian

~ Recommended by Tamera Coolman, Fountain Square Library

Elections for Kids

Even young children can begin to understand the basic concept of voting as a method for making a group decision. The resources below may help you begin talking with your children about the upcoming election. Duck for President is a funny, simple place to begin. The PBS Kids website You Choose 2016 has some especially great resources for children: videos, infographics & printables.

Watch right now! A video story about elections:


Indiana Websites:

Artifacts at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

Voting Machine

Thousands of Marion County, Indiana residents voted at this machine between the 1930s and the 1980 election. During this time, many African Americans struggled to gain the civil rights Caucasian men and women enjoyed. Even though the 15th Amendment granted all American citizens the right to vote regardless of “race, color or previous condition of servitude,” African Americans still struggled for the right to vote particularly in the southern United States. In Indiana, African Americans continued to Voting Machine 2work for equal rights welcoming two significant federal laws, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voter Rights Act of 1965, helped to ensure African Americans the right to vote. Artifacts at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 

See More Elections Artifacts from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis’ Collection

Picture Books about Elections:

Elizabeth Leads the Way Susan B. Anthony Does My Vote Count Vote A Call for a New Alphabet Amelia Bedelias First Vote Duck for President I Could Do That Monster Needs Your Vote Vote for Me Woodrow for President

Call-a-Bus Story



City Buses & Bus Drivers:

Meet the Bus DriverBus DriversOn a BusWe Go Buses

City Bus Stories:

Last Stop on Market StreetThe Adventures of Patty and the Big Red BusArthur Lost and FoundThe Babies on the BusThe Boys on the BusA Bus Called HeavenDog on his BusDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the BusMaisy Drives the BusNext StopPirates Drive BusesThe Seals on the Bus

City Bus History:

Back of the BusIf a Bus Could TalkRosa's Bus

School Bus Stories:

Pete the Cat Wheels on the BusAxle Annie and the Speed Grump>The Berenstain Bears Catch the BusThe Bus for UsThe Bus StopCaillou The School BusGus the Dinosaur BusThe Haunted Ghoul BusHello School BusI Spy a School BusI'm Your BusJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusMighty Mike Saves a School BusSchool Bus

The Best Days Are Dog Days

The Best Days are Dog Days

The story of a best friend from the point of view of a dog. The dog and the little girl sleep, eat and play together from the time they get up in the morning until they are tucked in together at night. Favotie illustration: the two of them brushing their teeth! A best friend story of puppy love. Author: Aaron Meshon

Meet Bob the Builder!



Meet Bob the Builder! September 25 from 2-4pm, Central Library – Sign up for your first library card with Bob the Builder! Pose for pictures with Bob, win cool prizes, check out books, building activities and more! Can we fix it? Build it? Read it? YES WE CAN! This event is free and open for families in the Learning Curve. Presented in partnership with WFYI. Bob the Builder © 2016 HIT Entertainment Limited and Keith Chapman. Details

FREE Online eBooks about Construction:

Time to Build a New LibraryTonka Chuck and FriendsToolsI Like Work Trucks

Construction eBooks & eAudiobooks to Check out with your Library Card:

hoopla_logo_100 wideoverdrive-icon 75
Use your indyPL Library Card number and PIN to check out FREE Online eBooks & eAudiobooks. Click on a book jacket & enter your Library Card number and PIN to borrow. What’s My PIN?
Building Our HouseGoodnight Goodnight Construction SiteThis is the House that Jack BuiltC Is For ConstructionCurious George Builds a HomeOne Big BuildingPete the Cat Construction DestructionWhere Do Diggers Sleep at Night

More FREE Online Reading:

Printables, Crafts & More about Construction:

Bob the Builder Connect the DotsCement Mixer TracerT is for Truck Tracer

Building a Library:

ConstructionA Library StoryMighty Mike Builds a Library


Alphabet Under ConstructionBuilding a HouseBuilding Our HouseBuilt to LastDemolitionDesign a SkyscraperThe House That Max BuiltHow Did They Build That House?

Construction Equipment:

Bulldozer's Big DayDiggersGoodnight Digger Goodnight Goodnight Construction SiteI Am a BackhoeThe Little Dump TruckMachines at WorkMachines at a Construction SiteMike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelTools We Use BuildersYou Can Draw Construction Vehicles

Construction Workers:

Amelia Bedelia Under ConstructionBuild Dogs BuildBuilder GooseBuilding With DadConstruction WorkersConstruction Workers HelpJackhammer SamThe Night WorkersPop's BridgeSky BoyzSky Walkers