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Story Apps for Kids

There are so many apps out there it is hard to know where to start to look. It's not that they are that's that there are so MANY. Plus, nobody wants to waste time with a bad one, even if it DOES only cost $2.99! Listed below are some great resources to help you find good story apps for kids - most of them are free or very, very low cost. Although I saw a few in the $10-$15 range, by far most are $.99-$4.99. Included below are some good FREE story apps for kids to help get you started. Comment below to let us know how you liked any of these - or suggest a new one for us all to try!

Help Finding Good Story Apps:

Free Story Apps:



The Artist Mortimer

Mortimer is an artist who more than anything loves to paint.


Bean's Baby

Bean has her window for sitting, her ball for chasing, her whole world just as she likes it. Then in comes Baby. The story of how the two get acquainted is told in spare one or two word phrases.  Also available for very little cost are Bean's Night, Bean's Games and Not Without Bear.




With the swipe of your finger turn a pumpkin into a magical coach, change 3 mice into elegant horses, transform a ragged dress into a magnificent gown, and help an old pair of shoes become glass slippers! Touch objects on each page to discover hidden sounds.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Color Uncovered

Explore the surprising side of color with Color Uncovered, an interactive book that features fascinating illusions, articles, and videos developed by the Exploratorium.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

DK Readers

Browse through a whole library of DK Readers on every topic from farm animals to fishy tales and emperor penguins to Ewoks.

  • You can download five of the e-books for FREEFishy Tales, Animals at Home, Emperor Penguins, Ant Antics and Secrets of the Mummies – one for each of the reading levels. Many more are available through in-app purchase.
  • Apple iPad
  • Android
  • Made for Ages 6 to 8

Goodnight Safari

Children help the giraffe eat her dinner, the monkey climb to bed, and the elephant kiss goodnight. Simple vocabulary and intuitive interactivity will engage young children while building their comfort with nighttime preparations. A perfect bedtime or storytime accompaniment for young children.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPhone, iPad
  • Ages 5 and under

I Imagine

Blends children's photos and voice into an illustrated story full of fun and games.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Ages 5 and under

Jackie Junko

Jackie Junko and The Old Ship Yard is a story about a little boat on an adventure that goes just slightly wrong!

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Josh and Emma Go to the Beach

Josh & Emma love to go on interesting adventures. This time, they’ve decided to go to the beach and they’ve invited your little one along. As they’re strolling in the sunshine, they come across something interesting in the sand. “What’s next to the tall grass?” they want to know. At the end of the story, the bucket is emptied to show kids all the interesting treasures they’ve collected with Josh & Emma, describing them by number, color and name.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Just Me

Family fun in an interactive book that lets you turn yourself into a musician, a gardener or a photographer.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Just Me and My Mom

Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother. He means well, but gets himself in trouble all along the way. His mother is oh so patient when Critter loses the train tickets, picks up a dinosaur egg in the natural history museum, and misbehaves at lunch. In spite of his difficulties, Little Critter happily falls asleep on the train going home, exhausted from the big outing with his mother.


Kung Fu Robot

Comic Book Style Swipe & Read

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Ages 9-11

Little Bird's Internet Security Adventure

The book is designed to help parents initiate conversations about Internet safety in an age-appropriate manner. We hope it will be useful to you in helping your child begin to develop lifelong patterns of safe and secure online activity.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Meet Millie

Meet Millie, the adorable but mischievous mutt who turns real life into a real adventure. Tap and swipe each page to discover why Millie is such a special dog. Her silly "super powers," her outrageous "special diet," and her wacky “disguises" are all revealed in this full-featured mini book.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch
  • Rated 4+

Pete and the Secret of Flying

An interactive story book suitable for children aged 2 and up.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Starring You Books by Storybots

The Starring You® Books iPad app makes storytelling even more magical by making your child the star of an illustrated and animated storybook that features their face and name. Simply add a photo and – VOILA! Your child (or mommy, daddy, grandpa, friends or even the family dog) is the star of the show!

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim

A child’s first guide to water safety. Written for children ages two through six, the book conveys an important message of how to be safe near the water through the story of Stewie, a duck who wants to swim with the ‘big ducks,’ but is prevented from going in the water by his older sisters until he learns the water safety rules.


The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Free Peter's mischievous cousin, Benjamin Bunny, persuades him to go back to Mr. McGregor's garden to retrieve the clothes he lost there.



Tales from the Watering Hole

Free Follow the adventures of many of your favorite animals in the African savanna – Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Hippo, Turtle, Rhino, and many more.


Toucan Toucan't

Wordplay story about what two can do and what two CAN'T do.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Toy Story Read Along

A fully interactive reading experience packed with Games, Movie Clips, Coloring Pages, Sing-along Tunes, and Surprises on every page. Hear the story read aloud, record your own narration, or explore at your own pace.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPad
  • Rated 4+

Will & Kate

Will & Kate is the highly interactive, fun-filled story of a prince, a princess, some sheep, and a royal romance. Take a hot air balloon trip past curious giraffes, set off a sky full of fireworks and help Kate choose her wedding dress for the big day. Or simply hang out with the royal corgis.

  • FREE
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch
  • Made for ages 5 and under

Woody's Aqua Adventure

When Andy comes home from the aquarium and gives Hamm something to hold, Woody is jealous. Soon, though, Woody is telling the other toys a story all about his own aqua adventure!

  • FREE
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Mac
  • Made for ages 5 and under
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Read Right Now! BUNNIES

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

BunniesGrow WeGiveBooksSmall
Read See How They Grow: Bunny - Follow an adorable bunny on its path from newborn to adult in the fun and informative picture book. See How They Grow is a photographic paperback series designed to introduce the fascinating world of animals and how they develop, step-by-step.

HopHopHop WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Hop Hop Hop - Three bunnies find that inside the house is not a good place to hop, hop, hop!

BunniesParty WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Bunny Party - It's Grandma's birthday and Ruby has invited seven of her favorite toys -- but not a single one of Max's. Yet, new guests keep mysteriously appearing. Is someone making a few changes to the guest list?

VelveteenRabbit ProjectGutenberg
Read The Velveteen Rabbit - By the time the Velveteen Rabbit is dirty, worn out, and about to be burned, he has almost given up hope of ever finding the magic called Real.

More FREE Online Reading:


Favorite Bunny Books:

Benjamin BigCarrot Hungry MoonRabbit

Bunny eBooks & eAudio:

BoyBunny RabbitsDuck RabbitsGift RabbitsSee
RabbitsSpotty RabbitsTen
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Free App – Endless Numbers


App Features:

  • Skill practice for numbers 1-5 Free; Additional numbers available for in app purchase
  • Made for Ages 5 and Under
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5
  • Number recognition
  • Sequences
  • Quantity
  • Number patterns
  • Simple addition
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Skill Apps for Kids
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Story Apps for Kids
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Call-the-Naptown Roller Girls


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Read Right Now! APPLES

Read Right Now!

An Apple Grows ScholasticLogo
Read An Apple Grows - Follow an apple from a blossom to a juicy fruit.

TreeYou ScholasticLogo
Read From Tree to You - Apples grow on trees, but what happens next? Follow a favorite fruit from the tree to the truck to your table in this tasty and informative read-aloud.

BadApple WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Bad Apple - When Mac, an apple, meets Will, a worm, they become fast friends, teaching each other games and even finishing each other's sentences. But apples aren't supposed to like worms, and Mac gets called "rotten" and "bad apple." At first, Mac doesn't know what to do--it's never easy standing up to bullies--but after a lonely day without Will, Mac decides he'd rather be a bad apple with Will than a sad apple without.

More FREE Online Reading:


Apple Orchards in Central Indiana:


Apples Apples The Apple  Trees Discovery A Visit to the Apple Orchard
ApplesOut ApplesLife ApplesSeasons ApplesSeed
ApplesShoot ApplesFarmer ApplesCycle ApplesCrisp
Apple Cider Making Days

Apple Stories:

Apples and Butterflies ApplesRiddle The Apple The Apple Trees Discovery
Curious George: Apple Harvest ApplesBiggest ApplesApplesauce ApplesCider
ApplesPumpkins The Apple Apples Galore Tap the Magic Tree

Apple Non-Fiction:

ApplesArnold ApplesGibbons ApplesFruit ApplesSeasons
We Harvest Apples in the Fall ApplesCrisp Apples A to Z Eating Apples
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Read Right Now! COUNTING

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

Skippyjon Jones 1-2-3 WeGiveBooksSmall

Read Skippyjon Jones 1-2-3 - Skippyjon Jones, the Siamese kitty boy who thinks he is a Chihuahua, can count! He is one naughty kitty, with two big ears, and three little sisters. Little ones will love to count along with him as he bounces his way from one to ten.

9780670011735_MaxRubyCountingPeas_INT.indd WeGiveBooksSmall

Read Counting Peas - The popular bunny siblings are back! An ill-timed sneeze sends Max's peas in all directions. Max helps out by picking them up: five, two, seven.

BeakleyCounts Ziggity

Read Beakley Counts 1 to 10 - Beakley learns to count to 10. Beakley wants you to learn your numbers and colors with him.

HowManyWheels UniteForLiteracy75
Read How Many Wheels? Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

VioletCountsCookies UniteForLiteracy75
Read Violet Counts Cookies Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

WhereDoYouSeeNumbers UniteForLiteracy75
Read Where Do You See Numbers? Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

More FREE Online Reading:


Downloadable eBooks:

Want to read more without ever leaving home? Use your indyPL library card to download eBooks and audiobooks. Click on a book jacket to choose a book to download.

GeorgeTen Thomas123 BearsBeach ElmersFirst
GeorgeLearns FirstCounting BuckleShoe MonkeysJump
DuckGoose OneCheck Candy20 HungryRabbits
Wumbers Nancy100th JellyBeans
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Clark the Shark Dares to Share

Clark the Shark Dares to Share


In Clark the Shark Dares to Share, Clark learns that sharing is caring--but sometimes the lesson is a little confusing. Clark shares his funky shark dance with the class, but Mrs. Inkydink tells him he has to wait his turn. Clark shares his reef-hockey skills, but his teammates would rather Clark share the puck. With help from his friends and with his trademark lively rhythms and rhymes, Clark learns how to share in this follow-up to Clark the Shark.

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Read Right Now! SHAPES

Read Right Now! books you can read online, right now, with no waiting!

SkippyShapes WeGiveBooksSmall
Watch Skippyjon Jones Shape Up - Skippyjon has an overactive imagination. And he is pretty active himself. Here he shapes up with shapes: he runs in a circle, tap-dances on a square, orbits an oval. And then the great sword fighter shows his muscles.

StoryShapes Storyplace
Read The Story of Shapes - Guess the shape and say its name.

ShapesAtThePlayground UniteForLiteracy75
Read Shapes at the Playground Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

SpotTheShapes UniteForLiteracy75
Read Spot the Shapes Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

DoYouSeeHearts UniteForLiteracy75
Read Do You See Hearts? Read and hear the story in English. Hear the story in Spanish or one of 13 other languages!

More FREE Online Reading:


Downloadable eBooks:

ShapesMonkey BabyShapes BugShapes

Favorite Shape Books:

Circle Dogs Color Farm Cones, Cubes, Cylinders & Squares If You Were a Triangle
Mouse Shapes Perfect Square Round Is a Tortilla Round Is a Mooncake
Shape By Shape The Shape of Me and Other Stuff Shape Song Shapes in Art
Shapes That Roll So Many Circles So Many Squares Which Is Round Which Is Bigger The Wing on a Flea
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Free App – Touch the Sound


App Features:

  • Free
  • Rated 4+
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Sounds are grouped into 5 categories: (animals, home, music instruments, nature, and transport) Add new concepts (emotions, actions, etc.) in one click
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Skill Apps for Kids
  • IndyPL Ready to Read: Free Story Apps for Kids
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Milestones of Early Literacy

A great chart from Reach Out and Read:

en Español

Reading Milestones English

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