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Superheroes at The Children’s Museum


An invitation from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis:

"You’ve seen them on TV, read about them in books, and heard about them in folk tales. Superpowered characters from around the world might share similar powers, but it’s their stories that make them unique. Fly, teleport, or use your super-speed to make your way to the museum for a Superpowered Spring Break!"

Here is some of the fun stuff you can do at the Superheroes exhibit March 16 - May 5:

  • Invent your own unique super hero and tell its story
  • See amazing artifacts from our collection
  • Meet Spider-Man: March 16
  • Participate in "Be a Superhero" day: March 23
  • Meet Batman: April 6
  • Watch a brand new Bumblebee transformation program
  • Put on a cape and mask and pretend to be a superhero

That sounds like a lot of fun! While you wait for your turn to go, here are some websites that show you how to have some superhero fun at home!


And finally - here are some great superhero adventures stories. Find out the story of the real Superman or what it's like at Superhero School!


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Kapow! The Adventures of Sparrowboy Timothy and the Strong Pajamas a Superhero Story The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy
Superhero Joe Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue Buzzboy and Flygirl Wordgirl Robot Rampage
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