Boy + Bot

Most kid friendships start with one kid asking: “Want to play?” When the other kid is a robot, the answer is “Affirmative!” Boy and Bot have a great day until Bot’s power switch gets bumped and he turns off. The boy asks, “Are you sick?” When Bot doesn’t answer the Boy takes Bot home and does the things humans do to help each other feel better – a snack, a story, and a nap!

Boy takes a nap too. While he does, Bot’s switch gets turned back on. Bot talks to Boy but Boy doesn’t answer. “Did-you-malfunction?” Bot asks. And Bot does what robots do to fix each other – oil, reading the instruction manual, and a new battery!

FINALLY, Boy wakes up and Bot is powered up at the same time! Good times! Author: Ame Dyckman

Where’s My Teddy? 93140

Knuffle Bunny Too: a Case of Mistaken Identity 1114786

Blueberries for Sal 373542

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