Sleep Like a Tiger

“But I’m not tired!” I know you’ve heard this. Many nights. Maybe every night! It’s so hard for kids to stop when playing is so much fun. The trick is winding them down for a good sleep while they are still having fun. We are all familiar with the “stayed up too late” meltdown!

In this story a little girl really doesn’t want to go to bed. She protests all the while her parents are gently moving her through the rituals of bedtime: putting on pajamas, washing her face, brushing her teeth.

When she is finally tucked in she wants to know if everything in the whole world has to go to sleep. What follows is a listing of several animals and how they sleep ending with the tiger…because yes, even energetic ferocious tigers need to go to sleep.  Sleep! It’s good for you! Author: Mary Logue

Here is a sampling of favorite bedtime stories from IndyPL Children’s Librarians. These are the stories that make saying goodnight fun!:

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