Staff Pick: Out of the Way, Out of the Way

When a boy spots a young tree in the middle of the path that runs through the village, he puts rocks around the base of the tree to protect the tree from being trampled.Author: Uma Krishnaswami

In this wonderfully illustrated Indian picture narrative, the author takes the reader through the growth of a tree, as the tree’s growth into a giant coincides with the growth of the road next to it. The story quietly highlights the perils of modernization- but the tree remains. “but sometimes the drivers of cars and buses and trucks and vans and tractors stop and stay a while… and listen”

This book was worth it just for the beautiful, culturally-aware illustrations but the lessons learned from the story are amazing and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys something more than a colorful picture book.

Submitted by Joe Fox, Children’s Librarian @ Wayne Branch

Here are some more books about the reality of change. Kids are often comforted by routine and patterns. If something is suddenly different it can be a hard adjustment for them. Like Out of the Way! Out of the Way!, these stories might help make accepting change easier – “If Mary Ann the Steam Shovel can do it, so can you!” First three – gems! Who can resist feeling bad for The Lonely Little Phone Booth after cell phones come along?

The Little House Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel The Lonely Phonebooth A Street Through Time
The Little Red Light House and the Great Gray Bridge A House Held Up By Trees Where Once There Was a Wood The Elevator Man
The Window

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