Staff Pick: Out of the Way, Out of the Way

When a boy spots a young tree in the middle of the path that runs through the village, he puts rocks around the base of the tree to protect the tree from being trampled.Author: Uma Krishnaswami

In this wonderfully illustrated Indian picture narrative, the author takes the reader through the growth of a tree, as the tree’s growth into a giant coincides with the growth of the road next to it. The story quietly highlights the perils of modernization- but the tree remains. “but sometimes the drivers of cars and buses and trucks and vans and tractors stop and stay a while… and listen”

This book was worth it just for the beautiful, culturally-aware illustrations but the lessons learned from the story are amazing and I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys something more than a colorful picture book.

Submitted by Joe Fox, Children’s Librarian @ Wayne Branch

Here are some more books about the reality of change. Kids are often comforted by routine and patterns. If something is suddenly different it can be a hard adjustment for them. Like Out of the Way! Out of the Way!, these stories might help make accepting change easier – “If Mary Ann the Steam Shovel can do it, so can you!” First three – gems! Who can resist feeling bad for The Lonely Little Phone Booth after cell phones come along?

The Little HouseMike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelThe Lonely PhoneboothA Street Through TimeThe Little Red Light House and the Great Gray BridgeA House Held Up By TreesWhere Once There Was a WoodThe Elevator ManThe Window

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