Otto the Book Bear

Otto lives inside a book. He loves it when someone reads his story. He also likes to get out of his book when no one is looking and read OTHER books. Otto loves stories!

One day, something terrible happens…someone moves his book when he is not in it and he is left stranded without a book home. Like all story loving adventurers, Otto packs a bag and sets out to find a new home. He tries several different places until he discovers just the perfect place. Somewhere with books. And kids who read them. And other book bears. Can you guess where that is? Author: Katie Cleminson

You just never know what might be happening at the Library; book bears, battling books, mice, lions, mastadons and dragons! Are the adventures just INSIDE the pages?

Battle of the BooksCan I Bring Woolly to the Library Mrs. Reeder?The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris LessmoreThe Library Gingerbread ManLibrary LionLibrary MouseMiss Smith and the Haunted LibraryThere's a Dragon in the LibraryZombie in the Library

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