A Home for Bird

Vernon, the most lovably illustrated toad you will ever see, finds Bird while he’s out foraging for interesting things. At the very first he’s scavenging through the trash and I love him already. He knows how to find treasure in all that junk and part of the fun of this book is looking at the pictures to see how he “re-purposes” the junk he finds.

One such treasure is Bird, who doesn’t talk much. Vernon is determined to find Bird a suitable home and takes him on a journey to find it in a teacup boat. In the spirit of  Are You My Mother? and The Best Nest,  Vernon visits all kinds of possible homes until he finds the perfect perch for Bird.

Kids love stories with a pattern. During Vernon and Bird’s journey they visit a series of places that COULD be a home for Bird and Vernon asks the same question, “Here?” or “How about here?”  Kids will love pointing out why some of the places Vernon chooses might not work and what makes some of the the ideas so silly! A child might also wonder, “Why doesn’t Bird like that one?” Here are some more stories with the same kind of pattern…repeatedly asking “how about this one?” in search of the perfect answer; in these stories, the perfect home:

Are You My Mother? The Best NestKaty No PocketNo Place Like HomeA Home for BunnyWhose House?One Little MouseA Home for Bird

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