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Storytime Online – 100 Free Video Read Alouds

Abiyoyo 150Alexander RR The Ant and the Grasshopper BabyBrains
Reading Rainbow Logo 150 OnlineStorytimeLong Reading Rainbow Logo 150 CandlewickPressLogo

Stripes Bear Snores On ForgetManners Berenstain Bears Stage Fright
StorylineLogoSmall Scholastic 2 BerenstainBears150 BerenstainBears150

Berenstain Bears Learn about Strangers Billy the Goats Big Breakfast RR Blue Ribbon Dad The Book With No Pictures
BerenstainBears150 Jez Alborough 150 Reading Rainbow Logo 150 Puffin Books 150

BraveIrene Brown Bear Brown Bear Charlie ChestersWay
StorylineLogoSmall Henry Holt OnlineStorytimeLong StorylineLogoSmall

Dear Zoo RR Dont Forget God Bless Our Troops Dr Seuss on the Loose Duck Rabbit
World Book Day Reading Rainbow Logo 150 World Book Day Chronicle Books

Elves and the Shoemaker Emilys Tiger EnemyPie Bonjour
CBeebies logo 150 CBeebies logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall OnlineStorytimeLong

FarmerDuck The Giant Turnip The Gingerbread Man Gobble Gobble Moo Tractor Book
CandlewickPressLogo CBeebies logo 150 World Book Day Jez Alborough 150

Goldilocks and the Three Bears RR Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas Harry GreenEggs
World Book Day Reading Rainbow Logo 150 CandlewickPressLogo OnlineStorytimeLong

Guji HarryDirtyDog150 Hole in the Bottom of the Sea Hooray
StorylineLogoSmall StorylineLogoSmall Barefoot Books CandlewickPressLogo

Hugo the Hares Rainy Day RR Hush Little Dragon RR I Am the Book MyMonster
Jez Alborough 150 Reading Rainbow Logo 150 Reading Rainbow Logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall

Ish Just a Secret KissMissed Kissing Hand
Scholastic 2 Little Critter StorylineLogoSmall OnlineStorytimeLong

Knots LadybugBeach LibraryLion Little Red Riding Hood
StorylineLogoSmall World Book Day Penguin Logo 2 150 Penguin Logo 2 150

Llama Llama Mad at Mama Llama Llama Misses Mama The Magic Porridge Pot Cat
StorylineLogoSmall OnlineStorytimeLong CBeebies logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall

Mitten RR Music in Derrick's Heart My Presents Rotten
OnlineStorytimeLong Reading Rainbow Logo 150 World Book Day StorylineLogoSmall

Nat the Cats Sunny Smile Followed RR Nina Nandus Nervous Noggin Nana
Jez Alborough 150 StorylineLogoSmall Reading Rainbow Logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall

Noah Noisy Farm Oh Dear Olivia
CandlewickPressLogo World Book Day World Book Day OnlineStorytimeLong

OwlBabies Penguin2 RR A Pet for Miss Wright Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses
CandlewickPressLogo CandlewickPressLogo Reading Rainbow Logo 150 Harper Collins Childrens

Pete the Cat and the New Guy RR A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. PolarExpress Guana
Harper Collins Childrens Reading Rainbow Logo 150 OnlineStorytimeLong StorylineLogoSmall

RainbowFish Romeow Roller Shopping With Dad 150
StorylineLogoSmall StorylineLogoSmall StorylineLogoSmall CBeebies logo 150

Suzy SmashCrash Six Little Chicks SomeDo
CandlewickPressLogo OnlineStorytimeLong Jez Alborough 150 CandlewickPressLogo

Sophie SplishSplash Stellaluna Strega
StorylineLogoSmall OnlineStorytimeLong StorylineLogoSmall OnlineStorytimeLong

Hatch Tales From Winnie the Pooh Thank You Mr Falker Theres an Alligator Under My Bed
StorylineLogoSmall World Book Day StorylineLogoSmall Little Critter

House Thomas to the Rescue The Three Billy Goats Gruff Drum
CandlewickPressLogo World Book Day CBeebies logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall

TheTooth RR Tortoise and the Hare Pigasso Wheres My Teddy
StorylineLogoSmall Reading Rainbow Logo 150 StorylineLogoSmall Jez Alborough 150
WhiteSocks Wilfrid Favorites Very Hungry Caterpillar
StorylineLogoSmall StorylineLogoSmall CandlewickPressLogo Puffin Books 150

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  1. The link to this site (Read to Me) appears to be broken and I can’t seem to access the books. Am I doing something wrong?

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