Kids Around the World

Read around the world with these books that bring the lives of children from all over the world right into your life, right here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Anna HibiscusBeatrice's GoatCan You Say PeaceChildren from Australia to ZimbabweClothesDream Around the WorldA Faith Like MineFoodA Good TradeGift DaysThe Good GardenIf America Were a VillageIf the World Were a VillageIt's Back to School We GoA Life Like MineThe Market BowlMimi's VillageMy Rows and Piles of CoinsMy School in the Rain ForestOne HenOur WorldRazia's Ray of hopeSchool Days Around the WorldA School Like MineThe Soccer FenceThis Child Every ChildWhat We WearWhat's For LunchYou and Me Together

Selected by: Janet Spaulding, Selection Services

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