Picture Book Biographies

Picture book biographies are great for young kids interested in science, presidents, sports, art and history. They like to read about the “growing up” stories of famous people. It’s fun to learn that these grown ups were also kids; kids who were driven to follow their dreams and make them come true.

Balloons Over Broadway Barreling Over Niagara Falls Becoming Babe Ruth Daredevil
Etched in Clay Fly High! Flying Solo Helen Keller’s Best Friend
Louisa May’s Battle Major Taylor, Champion Cyclist Mary Walker Wears the Pants Miss Moore Thought Otherwise
Nelson Mandela On a Beam of Light A Picture Book of Daniel Boone Snowflake Bentley
Thank You Sarah Thomas Jefferson Builds a Library When the Beat Was Born When Marian Sang
Who Says Women Can’t Be Doctors Wilma Unlimited You Never Heard of Willie Mays?

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