Staff Pick: Two Nests

Two Nests

Two birds build a nest together and hatch a baby bird, but when they fail to get along the father bird moves to a new nest, and though baby bird is unhappy at first, when he learns to fly from nest to nest he sees that the situation isn’t that bad.

There are so few good books on divorce that are not didactic and can be used with very young children.    Two Nests is at once both light-hearted and honest.  Two little birds fall in love, build a nest and hatch an egg.   “But the birds were large, and the nest was small” and it is decided that another nest is needed.  Everyone is sad when Daddy moves to the other side of the tree.  Baby Bird now has two homes and when she grows wings, everyone celebrates.

Recommended by:  Daniell Wilkins, College Avenue Library



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