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Goldilocks and the Three Bears WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Read the classic story about Goldilocks as she explores to the home of Father Bear, Mother Bear, and Baby Bear, uninvited. The bears are not happy to find that someone has been eating their food, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds! This is a Common Core-aligned book for Kindergarten.

Three Snow Bears WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Three Snow Bears - This stunningly illustrated interpretation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears transports the well-loved story to the Arctic north. There, the raven-haired Inuit girl, Aloo-ki, comes upon an igloo that turns out to be the home of a polar bear family.

Dont Worry Bear WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Don't Worry Bear - When Caterpillar tells Bear that he is making a cocoon, Bear is worried. Will Caterpillar be safe? Will he be warm? Will he stay dry? Throughout the long winter, Caterpillar reassures him that all is fine.

GoodLuck WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Good Luck Bear - Bear and Mouse are looking for luck. Four-leaf clover luck. Will they find it? Monkey says there's no such thing. Turtle thinks it'll take too long. And Groundhog wonders if they'll be unlucky if they can't find one!

Wonder Bear WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Wonder Bear - Two kids plant mysterious seeds in Wonder Bear and up grows a remarkable flowering vine, out of which emerges an even more remarkable big white bear. On his head is a hat that allows him to work all kinds of magic that day. He pulls monkey after monkey from the hat, blows bubbles in amazing shapes, and transforms flowers into spectacular floating sea creatures.

The Great Panda Tale WeGiveBooksSmall
Read The Great Panda Tale - Join Louise and the rest of the zoo crew as they eagerly await the arrival of a new baby panda. Get to know the zoo's current pandas and find out what they eat and how they grow. With longer sentences, increased vocabulary, information boxes, and a simple index, readers beginning to read alone will enjoy reading The Great Panda Tale.

Tales From Winnie the Pooh 150 World Book Day 75
Listen to Tales from Winnie the Pooh - In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle.

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