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Read Right Now!

An Apple Grows ScholasticLogo
Read An Apple Grows - Follow an apple from a blossom to a juicy fruit. Try these activities at home:

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Read From Tree to You - Apples grow on trees, but what happens next? Follow a favorite fruit from the tree to the truck to your table in this tasty and informative read-aloud. Try these activities at home:


Apples Apples The Apple  Trees Discovery A Visit to the Apple Orchard
ApplesOut ApplesLife ApplesSeasons ApplesSeed
ApplesShoot ApplesFarmer ApplesCycle ApplesCrisp
Apple Cider Making Days

New Apple Picture Books:

Apples and Butterflies ApplesRiddle The Apple The Apple Trees Discovery
Curious George: Apple Harvest Apples A to Z Eating Apples

New Apple Non-Fiction:

ApplesFruit ApplesSeasons We Harvest Apples in the Fall ApplesCrisp

Favorite Apple Books:

ApplesBiggest ApplesApplesauce ApplesGibbons
ApplesCider ApplesPumpkins ApplesArnold
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