Desmond Tutu in Indianapolis – Forgiveness & Empathy

On September 12th, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who was a key figure in ending apartheid in South Africa, will visit Indianapolis to speak at Clowes Memorial Hall – a great time to share with your kids his life’s journey in South Africa. Here are some websites and books to help:


Books – Desmond Tutu:

God's Dream Desmond and the Very Mean Word Children of God Storybook Bible Desmond Tutu : fighting apartheid

Books – Foregiveness & Peace:

The Forgiveness Garden That's Not Funny! That's Not Funny Desmond Tutu : fighting apartheid
Wise at heart

Books – South Africa:

South Africa We Visit South Africa  The Fall of Apartheid in South Africa Foods of South Africa
Recipe and Craft Guide to South Africa S is for South Africa A Song for Jamala The Herd Boy

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