I Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital & Kevin Goes to the Hospital

I Don't Want to Go to the Hospital

Going to the doctor can make kids a little nervous. Going to the hospital can be just plain scary. Stories are a great way to introduce kids to the doctor’s office or hospital BEFORE they actually need to go. If you’ve visited the doctor’sKevin Goes to the Hospital office first with Pooh, it’s a lot less scary when you have to go yourself! You can Read Right Now! several of the books listed below. They are available for you to read online for free. New to check out for 2013 is I Don’t Want to Go to the Hospital!, in which the Princess tries to hide instead of going to the hospital, is eventually found, goes there, and finds out that at the hospital…they treat you like a princess! Also new to check out for 2013 is Kevin Goes to the Hospital  “I am Kevin. I fell and hurt myself. Mom gives me a kiss to feel better. Then she takes me to the hospital. What’s it going to be like there?” You can also try these printables and online games to help your little one get used to the idea of seeing a doctor.


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