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Read Right Now! SHARKS Shark Attack! & Surprising Sharks


The Read Right Now! books below you can read online, right now, with no waiting! Also don't miss the Early Readers Club - your child can pick up a free book at participating IndyPL branches from Sep. - May each year until age six. Really! Books to Keep! Details.

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Read Right Now!

Surprising Sharks CandlewickSmall
Read Surprising Sharks - Introduces many different species of sharks, pointing out such characteristics as the small size of the dwarf lantern shark and the physical characteristics and behavior that makes sharks killing machines. Try these activities at home:

SharkAttack WeGiveBooksSmall
Read Shark Attack - Savage killers or endangered victims? Get the truth about the most feared creatures in the sea. Learn the facts about sharks, get the scoop on being safe around them, and read about real shark attacks. DK Readers is a multilevel reading program featuring photographs combined with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories Try these activities at home:

Invite Shark
Read Don't Invite a Shark - It's a fish-eat-fish world out there! But never fear--Marlin is here to tell you how to survive in the great blue sea. He's partied with sharks, jumped through a forest of jellyfish, been swallowed by a whale--and lived to write this book! So make sure to use this handy survival guide to learn everything you need to know to make your next ocean visit go swimmingly. Disney Digital Books are ALWAYS AVAILABLE for checkout with your IndyPL Library Card. See books below for more downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks. Try these activities at home:

Want to read more without ever leaving home? Use your indyPL library card to download eBooks and audiobooks. Click on a book jacket to choose a book to download.

Downloadable eBooks:

DolphinsSharks SharkWars IAmShark SharkZombie
SharkMystery ThomasShark
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